I should like to welcome you all most heartily to The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan and my corner of the internet! I am very glad that you chose to stop by for a visit and I think I should take this time to introduce myself and this blog to you now.

My name is Aurora. I am an 18 year old Swedish girl, and, of course, a most devoted Jane Austen fan! Like so many others, I am of the decided opinion that Jane Austen is one of the greatest authors ever to grace this planet! Apart from Jane and her world, there are many other things for which I have a big interest. Some of the major ones include: singin, reading, dancing, sewing, writing letters, playing the piano, making handmade cards and scrapbooking, and so much else! I come from a family that have always traveled a lot, and traveling is absolutley one of the biggest passions of my life!

The reason I decided to start this blog is because I think it will be such a fun thing to work with! I would not claim myself to be an “Austen expert” (even though I have done my fair share of studying her) but this is a subject that I am truly passionate about! And I would love to share my passion with you! My idea is to make this a fun place where I can discuss the books, films, fashions, and anything from that era really that inspires me. And of course, the great Austen herself!

So once again, you are most welcome here, and I hope that you will stay with me and that we shall have the chance to explore some of this fascinating world of Jane Austen together!

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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. raisah says:

    I just looked at your blog from top to bottom. I’ve been marveling all afternoon with your travel, your clothes, the events I attend.
    So jealous!

    I also do similar things and I have several Victorian costumes. My group is called “Anacrónicos”.
    I leave a picture to see us 🙂 http://www.flickr.com/photos/anacronicos/4971405516/in/set-72157624909083446/

    Continue reading you, a hug from Spain 😀

  2. Aurora says:


    Thanks for your comment! I am very happy to hear you have been enjoying my blog. 🙂

    I had a look at the link you gave me (thank you so much!), it looks wonderful! I LOVE the Victorian era, and all your cotumes are simply beautiful! So are the pictures. It looks like such a lot of fun! I wish there was a group I could do things like that together with around here. Sadly there isn’t, but I think I might have to start something.

    All the best, and hugs from Sweden

  3. So, I was going through your entire blog looking for some pictures… and I am so terribly shocked that it ends (begins) here! Your blog has been so productive, I feel it should go on and on forever!

    If only I would write as often as you do!

  4. Aurora says:

    Aww, thank you!

    Sometimes I can’t believe I have really been doing this blog for TWO years now! At other times it feels like I’ve been doing it forever. 🙂

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