Back again!

So my dear friends, I’m back again. My friend Charlotte left yesterday, we have had some lovely days together. In Stockholm we managed to squeeze in several different must-see-sights as well as just spending some time strolling around browsing any nice stores we passed. One thing we visited was the Royal Armoury, located in the Royal Palace. It was not the first visit I made there (nor was it the second…), but all the same I found it most enjoyable. The things you get to see there are clothes, armour, weapons, jewelry and much more that has belonged to the Swedish Royal family in the past 500 years. I love seeing all the things that are, in a way, part of Sweden’s history. And of course, the clothes hold a special fascination for me!

There were not too many Regency era clothes though. In fact, I only found a couple of items from that time. I got a picture of one of them; this beautiful red pelisse, stitched with gold!

Queen Josefina's pelisse

Here is a close-up of the bodice, so you can see the beautiful details a little better.

Queen Josefina's pelisse close-up

It was dated 1810, and had apparently belonged to a Queen Josefina.

I would really recommend the Royal Armoury as a place to visit if you are going to Stockholm!

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