My first Regency gown

I thought I should share with you some pictures of the Regency style clothes I have made for myself so far. I will begin with the first such dress I made.

 At first I found the fashion and the style of this era to be a little… well… weird. At least the ladies dresses. But that was before I became a true Jane Austen fan. Since then I have not only become used to the way the dresses looked at that time but I have also grown to love the simple, yet so elegant look that was in fashion during the time of Jane Austen’s life.

I first came up with the idea that I wanted to make my own Regency gown in 2006. I began at once to search the internet for some pattern I could use. And that’s when I came across this: This is a wonderful website that not only sells patterns for Regency era garments (and several other eras too); they also offer online classes for several of the patterns. And then there is also a most lovely forum! It is mainly supposed to be focusing on historical sewing, but even if that is not something you think is for you there is also a lot of discussion going on about books (like Jane Austen’s), movies and anything within this field really. I have found many kindred spirits in this forum, there are many lovley ladies there who share my passion for these kind of things. The kinds of things I am writing about here.

But, I am wandering from what I originally set out to write about.  So lets get back to where we were; I had found this site, and I ordered this pattern straight away!


Click here to view more details

 And after some days work (I think it was days at least, but you know, it could have been longer) this is the result I ended up with:

My first Regency gown

Wearing my dress for Midsummer's Eve

Now, this picture is a few years old, so I might look a little different, but I don’t think the dress has changed much…

I felt really very pleased with the way it turned out! And I have had the opportunity to use it on several occasions. But alas, not yet as many as I could have wished!

Here are a couple of more pictures; close ups of the bodice front and back.

My first Regency gown close up


My first Regency gown close up back

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2 Responses to My first Regency gown

  1. Mrs. Smith says:

    Very lovely dress! You did a nice job and it falls so gracefully. I especially like the sleeve cuffs.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you! I am very happy with it!

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