More on letters

Tweet Since I wrote my post Is letter writing a lost art? I have been thinking about that subject now and then. Just about the subject in general, and about different letters that appear in books. It is often that letters fills an important place in novels from bygone days, conveying significant information for the plot. Just take some of Jane’s books for example. In Pride and Prejudice we have Mr. Darcy’s long letter that he writes to Elizabeth, explaining himself and reveling to us the truth about Mr. Wickham. Later on Elizabeth receives another letter, from Jane, informing her … Continue reading

Hmm, haven’t I seen this dress before…?

Tweet I was watching BBC’s wonderful series Wives & Daughters a couple of days ago. And in the very beginning of the movie we see Miss Browning, one of the characters, wearing a brown/beige dress, the one in the picture here. I recognized the dress at once as one which is featured in both Pride & Prejudice and Emma! I knew already that in those two it was the same dress, but I had  never noticed before that it is in Wives & Daughters too! I just think it’s so much fun finding reused costumes in films, recognizing them from … Continue reading

I have to show you my new fabrics!

Tweet We used to have a little home decorating and interior design shop very close to where I live. I say used to because it closed a couple of days ago. I think it’s a great pity that it has closed because it was such a lovely store, even though I hardly ever bought anything there since all the fabrics they sold were designers fabrics and far from cheap! But now, these last week or two the lady who owned the shop sold everything at 50%. And she had these samples, fabric samples from Designers Guild that were out of … Continue reading

New Emma trailer!

Tweet The trailer for the new Emma adaptation is finally out! The film, or series I guess it is since it’s going to be four parts, is to be released in October. I can’t wait to see it! The lady who has written the film is the lady who also brought us North & South and Jane Eyre, the newest version. So that is promising I think! And most of the leading roles are played by actors I have seen in various costume dramas before. Romola Garai plays Emma and I’ve seen her in both Vanity Fair and Amazing Grace. … Continue reading

Is letter writing a lost art?

Tweet I have spent the whole afternoon writing letters to a couple of my friends, and this was a question I kept pondering the whole time. For centuries, letters were the only way people had of communicating with those who lived in another town, city, part of the country or indeed, another part of the world. It was the way you stayed in contact with family members and friends, kept updated on each others lives. It was the way news were delivered. There was just so much that happened through letters! Letters were an important part of the society. For … Continue reading

Beautiful Scandinavian song

Tweet I’m off in a little while to my voice lesson. Now in the summer I don’t go so often, so I am especially looking forward to it today! I have an amazing teacher who, I believe, thinks it’s just as much fun as I do. I always feel more than welcome, which is nice. Right now I am working on a song by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, it’s called Solveig’s Sang, or Solveig’s Song. In my opinion it is just one of the most beautiful songs ever! And I do hope I can do it justice! It’s from … Continue reading

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