Getting to work on my reticule

I’m finally about to start working on my Regency reticule! I went into town today to get some material for it. I had in mind some kind of cream colored silk… Yeah sure I was going to find that in Katrineholm! No, I honestly thought I would find it. But…. no. So I made the decision that I will use a brown silk that I’ve already got here at home instead. Doesn’t sound quite as fun I think, but honestly though, I think it might look really nice in the end.

Cream (white possibly) and brown were my only options for this now, as any other color would clash with the rest of my outfit.

Reticule material

My material. It doesn’t look so very exciting yet  though.

I got a couple of different ribbons and laces for decorating with. And then you are supposed to embroider it! Oh my! Embroidery is not really my strongest point. I admit I’m slightly nervous abut the idea. But I will give it a go, and do as well as I can.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this project. And then I’ve just completed another sewing project today, so stay tuned in for photos of that tomorrow!

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