Jane Austen Festival in Bath – part 2: The Grand Regency Promenade,

Tweet The next day (Saturday the 19th) was the biggest day really, the day of the Grand Regency Promenade (amongst other things)! As soon as I had finished my breakfast I hurried up to my room to get changed into my costume. For the first time I had a complete outfit to wear! As I came downstairs on my way out I ran in to my hostess, who after seeing me insisted on her husband taking some pictures of me in their garden. Which was very sweet of them I think! From where I was staying to where I was … Continue reading

At long last, here is my trip to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath – part 1

Tweet After a dreadfully long time I am now finally ready to post some pictures! I had planned to do it as soon as I got back home, (which I did on Tuesday!) but things were so busy once I got back and we were going away again this weekend so I literary had no time to! Let me first say that I went away to England expecting to have a wonderful time. I ended up however having a far, far lovelier time even than I had anticipated! I left home early Friday morning, arriving at Stansted in England around … Continue reading

Bath, here I come!

Tweet Early tomorrow morning I am off! After such a long time of wanting to go to the Jane Austen Festival I can hardly believe I’m actually going! But so it is. 🙂 I am planing to take lots of pictures while I’m there, and to share them all with you after I get back again (which I do on Tuesday). Until then, have a good time everyone! I am sure I will! 😉 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

One more…

Tweet All right, this is the last of the films I received for my birthday that I have not yet written about (the fourth one was Jerusalem which I’ve already written about before). This one is called The Way We Live Now and is, like The Barchester Chronicles, based on the work of Anthony Trollope. It is from 2001 and is a five hour long BBC drama in four parts. The story revolves around the upper-class of society in Victorian England. There is Sir Felix, who is a hopeless card player and spends, not only his own money, but his … Continue reading

Little Women poem

Tweet This poem from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is one which I very much like. In the book it is in the second to last chapter, the one entitled Under the Umbrella. I like it because I think it is such a sweet and beautiful poem. And it shows so clearly the different personalities of the four March sisters, except I think Jo is a little bit hard on herself. In the book Jo says “It’s very bad poetry” about this piece. And maybe if you look at it in a professional poetical way it is, I don’t know … Continue reading

The Barchester Chronicles

Tweet That is the title of one of the films I received for my birthday. The Barchester Chronicles. A six hour drama based on the books by Anthony Trollope. Now I had neither read the book or indeed heard of it before I got it. So I had no idea what it would be like really. Except, I was pretty sure I would like it. And I did! The story is set in an English cathedral town in the Victorian era. And so most of the story revolves around clergymen and their family and their various problems and challenges. It’s … Continue reading

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