The Barchester Chronicles

That is the title of one of the films I received for my birthday. The Barchester Chronicles. A six hour drama based on the books by Anthony Trollope. Now I had neither read the book or indeed heard of it before I got it. So I had no idea what it would be like really. Except, I was pretty sure I would like it. And I did!

The Barchester Chronicles
The story is set in an English cathedral town in the Victorian era. And so most of the story revolves around clergymen and their family and their various problems and challenges. It’s perhaps a little more political than a lot of other period dramas, but of course, there is some romance too! 😉

Maybe it doesn’t sound so very exciting when I say it like that. But it was! It was really good, and so funny! There were some characters and some scenes that made all of us laugh out loud! The dialog was simply splendid! And there were some characters that were more than usually odious! And that of course made them extra funny!

The Barchester Chronicles

There were some familiar faces in the film. Alan Rickman was one of them. A very young Alan Rickman!

I really enjoyed it! All my family did!

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