At long last, here is my trip to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath – part 1

After a dreadfully long time I am now finally ready to post some pictures! I had planned to do it as soon as I got back home, (which I did on Tuesday!) but things were so busy once I got back and we were going away again this weekend so I literary had no time to!

Let me first say that I went away to England expecting to have a wonderful time. I ended up however having a far, far lovelier time even than I had anticipated!

I left home early Friday morning, arriving at Stansted in England around 11 am. From there I traveled by train and by underground to the beautiful Georgian city of Bath!

Arriving there I was so excited! Finally I was there! Now, I had been to Bath before. Twice actually. But both times only over the day, and there was still much that I hadn’t yet had the chance to see. And, when I was there before there was no Jane Austen Festival taking place!

First I made my way to the guest house where I was staying.

Ashely Guest House, Bath
Doesn’t it look charming?!

After I had dumped all of my luggage in my room I headed right back out again. For a couple of hours I did not do anything special, just wandered around the streets of Bath having a lovely time.
I went into a tiny little bookstore, and I like the fact that even though it was a very small store the had a whole shelf that looked like this!

Jane Austen Books!

Then it was time to make my way to the Jane Austen Center, where I was going to attend a ‘festival get-together’. We were perhaps about 30 people who gathered that evening. I was a little nervous coming there, being all by myself and not knowing anyone at all. But my shyness soon melted away with the friendliness of everyone there. And I soon felt like a part of the group instead of all on my own.
Jackie Herring, festival director, spoke to us and told us about the festival and some of the things that were in store for us over the coming days. And then we were shown a short film taken at last years festival.

I got talking to some very nice people there, Karin and Dortie for example who had come from the Netherlands to attend the festival. Karin also runs her own Jane Austen site, in Dutch though. Here it is:

It was so nice to be there together with all these people who were just as obsessed about Jane, her books and her world as I am! I felt very at home. And it was funny, one of the ladies there tried to change the ring tone on her mobile phone to the Pride & Prejudice theme music, and when she finally succeeded and it played, everyone in the room just went quiet, listening, with dreamlike expressions on their faces! I felt thrilled to have found all these kindred spirits!

Unfortunately I did not get any good pictures from that night. Here is just one, which I know isn’t very good.
Festival Get-Together
(Isn’t that bag oh so suitable! :P)

More coming up!

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2 Responses to At long last, here is my trip to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath – part 1

  1. Jennifer Devine says:

    Hi Aurora,

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them. Your ensemble for the promenade looked so lovely.



  2. admin says:

    Why thank you Jennifer! I’m glad to hear that you have enjoyed seeing the pictures I’ve posted. 🙂


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