Making my bonnet, step by step

Tweet I had made an ‘experiment bonnet’ a long time ago. I wasn’t very happy about it though. I mean, sure, it was alright, but just between you and me, I think I looked a bit like a mushroom wearing it. So I decided to take it apart and change it. This is what it looked like at first. I just used a basic straw-hat to make it out of. I had changed the shape of the hat slightly to get it more ‘bonnety’ looking by placing it over a pot of boiling water, letting it soak up the steam … Continue reading

It’s now finally finished

Tweet My reticule that is. I finished it today, and would have done so sooner, had it not been for the fact that there has been a big mystery over a lost roll of thread that I needed. It’s a confusing story, I have looked everywhere for the thread, but it’s nowhere to be found! The rest of my family has been helping me too, we’ve all crawled around on the floor searching, but no success. So I had to give up and use some other thread instead. It’s really annoying though, not being able to find it! 😛 But … Continue reading

Continuing the work on my reticule

Tweet So I told you that I will be making my reticule out of brown silk. Well, I won’t anymore. You see, I never was quite happy about it that way, the silk I had was really far to flimsy. It might have worked, but I’m not convinced of it. Now however I’ve found the perfect material for it! It is a cream colored velvet. I’ve got a thing for velvet I think, I find it very hard to resist! And this one was truly scrumptious! So I’ll be making it out of that instead. It isn’t quite done yet, … Continue reading

Under the Greenwood Tree

Tweet It was my birthday a few days ago. It was a quiet, but lovely day here at home. I got many wonderful presents, and a most delicious cake! Something that I got was four different period drama DVD’s! Which I was very happy about of course! And one of them was Under the Greenwood Tree, which we all sat down and watched in the evening. I’ve never read the book. Nor in fact any books by Thomas Hardy. So it wasn’t anything I was familiar with before. Of course I had heard of it, but I didn’t know the … Continue reading

This is so annoying!

Tweet I’m in the depth of despair!! Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I am rather annoyed! I’ve been visiting my grandfather today, he lives in Uppsala, the 4th biggest city in Sweden. And as we went out for a walk we came across the Uppsala English Bookshop. And of course, being as book crazy as we are, we had to go in! It was a lovely shop! And it was such a relief to finally be in a real bookshop again! I can tell you, Swedish bookshops (apart from maybe one or two special ones) hardly … Continue reading

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