My Blog’s new Christmas look :)

Tweet Since today is the first of Advent, the Christmas season is now officially here. I decided to celebrate this by giving my blog a new look. A more “Christmasy” look. I think I’ll keep this look for the whole Christmas season, and then we’ll see what I’ll do. 🙂 This morning my mom and I had a performance together with the choir (one of the two choirs we are presently in) in honor of Advent. It was very nice, and we got to sing a small solo together, my mom and I. It actually went really well, and we … Continue reading

Jane Austen Products

Tweet There really are loads of fun Jane Austen related products out there! The other day I was searching, around looking for something on the internet, and I ended up forgetting what it was I was going to look for and spent a long time browsing CafePress’s Jane Austen section instead (I really don’t know anything about the company, and have never bought anything from them, but I still enjoyed looking). Thousands of different t-shirt’s with Austen quotes and similar things on, and bags, magnets, cups, calendars, etc, etc! I didn’t like all of them, and a lot of the … Continue reading

Jane the Historian

Tweet This morning I reread Jane Austen’s history “book” once again. It is such a very short and wonderfully written history! And so funny! Even though it is such a short piece of work I think it deserves more attention than, unfortunately, it is given. Sure you can finish it in about 15 minutes, but those, for me at least, are some very delightful 15 minutes! I believe Jane probably wrote it as an entertainment for her family (when she was 16). Indeed it is even dedicated to Cassandra, and she makes several references to various family members in it. … Continue reading

A Truth Universally Acknowledged – a book I would like to read!

Tweet In this months newsletter from the Jane Austen Center they recommended this book, A Truth Universally Acknowledged by Susannah Carson. It appears to be a collection of essays on Jane Austen from 33 great writers. Most of those writers are modern ones that I have never heard of, but there were some I was more familiar with; Virginia Woolf, C.S. Lewis, E.M. Forster… Obviously I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t give you a review of it. But I sure think it sounds like a lovely one, and I should really like to read it! So that … Continue reading

Jane Austen Evening… I wish I could go!

Tweet A few years ago my family stayed in San Diego for three months. And during the time we were there we go the chance to attend two balls. The organization that arranged one of them arranges all kinds of things and events, and I signed up on their email list. Every so often I receive emails from them, informing me of whats happening over there, and making me green with envy and wishing I could just pop over to California for some time! And a couple of days ago I got one email with information about a Jane Austen … Continue reading

Quoting Jane Austen

Tweet As many of those who know me are aware of, I constantly find myself quoting Jane Austen in everyday conversations. Dragging quotes of her into any situation where I think they fit in. Both from the books and the films, and indeed often from other period dramas too. One of the ones I most frequently make use of is Captain Wentworth’s line “I neither know nor care” which you can find in the 1995 film version. It is a very useful quote, and I use it all the time when I really don’t know or care about something! My … Continue reading

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