Jane Austen Evening… I wish I could go!

A few years ago my family stayed in San Diego for three months. And during the time we were there we go the chance to attend two balls. The organization that arranged one of them arranges all kinds of things and events, and I signed up on their email list. Every so often I receive emails from them, informing me of whats happening over there, and making me green with envy and wishing I could just pop over to California for some time! And a couple of days ago I got one email with information about a Jane Austen Evening that they are having. It’s on the 23d of January, and it seems like a truly lovely event! On their website (which you can find here) they say about it: “The Society for Manners & Merriment invite you to a civilized afternoon and evening of tea, entertainment and Regency style English Country Dance in the spirit of the works of the estimable Miss Austen.” Doesn’t that sound absolutley heavenly?!

Obviously I want to go! As things are right now I don’t think it will be possible for me to just pop over to California to attend this… One year I simply must travel around the world just to take part in all these different events!

Here is a video they made from the Jane Austen Evening 2005, if anyone wants to watch. The quality isn’t the best, but you still get the idea of it good enough to make you really wish to go (at least that is the case with me)! I spotted some people that I know in it too! πŸ™‚

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  1. I think I saw mention of this somewhere… the lady who wrote ‘Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict’ or something mentioned a ball out in California or some such… (BTW, I notice the video has that same [or very similar looking] hallway as your ‘Gone with the Wind’ picture)

    You really do tease me, events in Italy, Michigan, and now California… πŸ˜› They’re almost all equally far from where I live!

  2. Viktoria says:

    Hey, that’s the same venue as the Victorian Ball we went to, isn’t it? The one in LA?

  3. Aurora says:

    Well spotted you two! It is indeed the very same place as where we attended the Victorian Ball! The Pasadena Masonic Hall in LA. πŸ™‚

    Justin, I found this list of different Regency events in various parts of the world, but the US in particular. I haven’t looked too closely at it yet, and I don’t quite know how updated it is. But maybe there is something nice there close to where you are. Or maybe not…. But anyway I thought I’d give you the link: http://www.songsmyth.com/events.html. I’m sure there are many other events that are not on the list too, I haven’t had time to look yet.

  4. I can’t get a comment on this post for some odd reason…

  5. I’m re-trying my comment in pieces…

    Here’s the blog post from that author… http://blog.janeaustenaddict.com/2008/01/a-ball-i-long-f.html

  6. Aurora, I’ve actually looked at that very page of events… but unfortunately, they mostly just have homes and locations rather than actual events for my area. I generally look at Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC as far as regions go. (I’m about 30-40mins away from Virginia and Washington, DC)

    After a little more searching, I noticed that horrifically, I missed the only JASNA Annual General Meeting that will be close to home for a long while! I incidentally just became a member. (Jane Austen Society of North America)


  7. Otherwise, there is this freaky event… which I’m a bit wary of… I think they’re a bunch of science-fiction freaks who hold a regency ball… πŸ˜›


    Right now I’m focusing on getting my attire in order so when I find something, I’ll be ready… πŸ˜‰ (I think the only thing worse than finding patterns for the clothes is finding the right shoes to go with them… which is proving to be a quite difficult… but I just wrote a letter to a shoemaker in England, and am currently awaiting a reply)

  8. sorry for all the excess comments… they wouldn’t post together… πŸ™

  9. Aurora says:

    Hm, that is sort of strange… I found your comments caught in the spam filter. I guess maybe the reason why was because you tried to post several links in the same comment, and that made the computer think it was spam…? Maybe…?

    Thanks for the link to that post, that’ll be interesting to read. πŸ™‚

    Hmm, yes I was afraid that was mostly what it was. It is actually quite hard to find historic balls I think! At least when you are really looking for them! I guess the best thing to do would be to ask someone who might know.

    Oh no, that is such a pity that you missed that event! But hey, that’s great that you became a member! I haven’t yet found a Jane Austen Society of Sweden, if there isn’t one I might have to start one… ;P

    I saw something about that ball somewhere. it does sound a little… well… strange…! Science fiction and Regency balls just aren’t the first two things you think of together… Reading about the ball it did sound nice, but it’s still a little strange. I’d like to know what it really is! πŸ™‚

    I am sure your outfit will be really great! I hope you’ll manage to find some good shoes. What about a hat? Do you have that?

  10. Yes, I think the links and perhaps my style might have seemed unusual, lol. I suspect you are probably right in regards to how it ended up in spam. πŸ˜€

    So, speaking of events… I just got back home from participating in an English Country dance in Virginia. I discovered its existence in a newsletter from JASNA that got emailed to me a day or two ago. As a result, I have now met a number of JASNA members who decided to show up for the dance. πŸ˜€ theleesburgassembly.org

    As for shoes, currently, the best pair I have found that might actually fit me are these from Shipton and Heneage… now I’m debating whether or not to order them in patent leather or calf leather… hmm… what do you think? http://www.shiptonandheneage.co.uk/patent-pump-2327-0.html

    Lol, that darkover website is rather cryptic, at best… I have no idea what they are up to… πŸ˜›

    You are too kind in regards to the outfit… I hope it turns out as well in fact as it is in my mind… I do not have a hat, but I noticed that the Jane Austen Centre in Bath sells a nice one at a very reasonable price from Christy’s of London… I may get that one…

  11. Aurora says:

    Hm… the link was for one pair of the shoes (or have I understood everything wrong?), I’m not quite sure which other pair you were referring to…

    That hat you mentioned sounds good. I had a look at it on their website, and it looks really nice! I almost wish I could have a hat like that too… πŸ˜›

  12. Yes, it’s one pair… but I might be able to get it made in a different type of leather… but otherwise essentially the same shoe… if I understood the email from the company correctly.

    lol, well, as a lady you get to wear stuff that is light-years more elegant and beautiful, so I think you should not be complaining about silly hats… πŸ˜‰

    But honestly, a hat is the last thing on my agenda, as it will probably totally mess up my hair… πŸ˜›

  13. Aurora says:

    Oh that explains it! Well then, I think those shoes will be very suitable for a Regency outfit. But which kind of leather would be best is hard to say without seeing the different ones and comparing them. But the style is indeed very suitable!

    I’m not really complaining, it’s just that I like those hats a lot! πŸ˜›

  14. I wish you could go, too, Aurora. (I’m the person who wrote that post about the ball that Justin provided a link to–thanks, Justin.) Yes, English country dance is habit-forming. I’ll post about it again on my site. Hope to see you all there sometime and/or at the next JASNA AGM. Till then, happy holidays to all!

  15. Aurora says:

    Thank you for your comment Laurie! I so enjoyed reading that post of yours, and it made me wish even more that I could go! One day I most certainly will, and it would be lovely to see you there then!

    I’ll look forward to reading more about this when you post again. And since I can’t go to the dance this time, I hope you’ll enjoy it for me! Happy Holidays to you too!

  16. Oh, Aurora, I mentioned the Darkover conference to one of my friends who just so happens to be a writer in the fantasy genre and she was all excited about it. Unlike me she seemed to understand exactly what it was about and would have liked to go, except it didn’t do well with her schedule that week.

  17. Aurora says:

    Really?! That’s interesting. Well, if you decide to go you’ll have to tell me all about it afterwards, and take pictures to show me what it’s like! πŸ™‚

  18. Well, the event is already passed as of a week or two, but it might be worth considering next year.

  19. Aurora says:

    Oh really?! I didn’t realize… πŸ˜›

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