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There really are loads of fun Jane Austen related products out there! The other day I was searching, around looking for something on the internet, and I ended up forgetting what it was I was going to look for and spent a long time browsing CafePress’s Jane Austen section instead (I really don’t know anything about the company, and have never bought anything from them, but I still enjoyed looking).
CafePress wall clock - Tell me not that I am too late
Thousands of different t-shirt’s with Austen quotes and similar things on, and bags, magnets, cups, calendars, etc, etc! I didn’t like all of them, and a lot of the stuff was things you don’t really need. But hey, I had a delightful time just browsing through all the stuff!

This wall clock for example.
Every time one wants to see what time it is one will be reminded of Captain Wentworht’s beautiful letter to Anne! 🙂

Or perhaps a calendar for the new year that is now quickly approaching?
CafePress - Wall calendar
I would like a calendar with Jane Austen quotes like this. Only I would prefer one where you have different ones for each day. But I have yet to find that…

The t-shirts are so numerous that I am not even going to go in to that. But I do wonder what our cats would think of eating their food out of a bowl like this….?
CafePress - pet bowl

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3 Responses to Jane Austen Products

  1. I had reply written up two days ago for this… and then I restarted my computer and forgot to save it… 😛

    I’ve used cafepress before… everything I’ve ordered has come out nicely… but what you have to watch out for is to make sure the original artwork used is of good quality. Anyone can submit anything they like, even if they are not familiar with how to properly manipulate digital images… good taste and a detailed observation of the product may prevent disappointment.

    The clock is brilliant… I like it… but I agree with you… someone should create a daily quote calendar. I went off to look for one, which is largely why I forgot to post, because it took a while and then I got completely distracted… (as usual)

    Are your cats literary? 😛 I honestly can’t decide if it is an honor or dishonor to have your name on a bowl for cats…

  2. Here’s another article on the same subject as your post from JASNA…


  3. Aurora says:

    Thanks for the link! That was a most interesting article, and I must say that I thought a lot of the products talked about in it seemed very nice…! 😉

    I’m glad to hear that cafepress has worked well for you. Maybe I shall pluck up my courage and order something from them sometime then…

    If you find such a calendar I hope you’ll let me know, since that would be lovely to have!

    Of course they are literary! Reading is one of their favourite activities! And particularly reading Jane Austen! My cats are terribly clever you know! 😉

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