I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here!

Tweet My poor blog, it has been shamefully neglected of late! I am quite ashamed of myself! And I know this sounds like a very lame excuse, but I have actually been rather busy… At the moment I’m up to my ears in sewing. Nothing as exciting as historical clothes or anything like that; right now I am making a whole bunch of aprons for a Christmas fair that I’ve said I’ll take part in. That is in about a week, and I still have quite a way to go. I’ve had a lot of work trying to find the … Continue reading

Parasol Makeover – part 1

Tweet Ir would appear that not all of my creativity is dead at least. Because I’ve just started another project! 🙂 From the title you have probably already guessed what it is… Yes, I’m going to try my hand not at parasol making, but at a parasol makeover. You see, yesterday I was for some reason talking about the fact that I wanted to get a pretty parasol. And then my father came with the idea that I could use this old parasol we have to make myself a new one. It is an old parasol that he had bought … Continue reading

I need help!

Tweet Now we have entered the month of November, and every year the same thing happens… Here in Sweden, where I live, this is the time when all the leaves have fallen of the trees, when everything is grey and it’s raining. Everything is grey! And that has lead to me feeling like I’ve lost all of my creativity and over the last few days I have found it utterly impossible to come up with anything at all to write here! Yesterday I did receive my favorite magazine with the mail, (for those who can’t guess which that is its … Continue reading

Emma 2009 – part 2

Tweet We finished viewing it last night. So I am now able to give you my full review of it. First of all; I loved it! Sure, there were some small things I would have changed if I could, but over all I really liked it! (BTW, I am assuming that most of you who read this are familiar with the story of Emma. However, if some of you aren’t I must warn you that I might give away some spoilers here.) For some reason I was convinced that this adaptation was going to be 6 hours long, instead of … Continue reading

Emma 2009

Tweet So I finally saw the first two episodes of BBC’s new Emma yesterday. It took me some time to make up my mind whether or not I should begin to watch it. I had some idea that I wanted to wait until it was all out, so I could watch it all at once. But I found that I couldn’t wait that long! So yesterday my sister Viktoria and I sat down to watch it! But that wasn’t easy. I knew of a couple of different places where you could see it. First we used youtube, but then, right … Continue reading

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