Going shopping with grandma

Sometimes going shopping with grandmother can be a very exciting and fun (and profitable) adventure!

We went into town today in order to get some fabric for a skirt I am helping her with, and we passed this new shop that I’ve never seen before (it looked very temporary so I doubt it will be there for much longer) where they sold all these DVD’s and CD’s. We went in to have a quick look around, and instantly I spotted this box on a table there, bearing the name The Charles Dickens Collection! It was a box containing six different BBC Dickens adaptations; Pickwick Papers (1985), Oliver Twist (1985), Nicholas Nickleby (1977), A Christmas Carol (1977), Great Expectations (1999) and Our Mutual Friend (1998).

I was very excited about it, and my grandmother was kind enough to say that if I wanted it she would by it for us! Now wasn’t that nice of her?! I for one certainly think so!  Now you must understand, we’ve managed to converted my grandmother to a period drama fan. We have shown her many of our favourite ones over the years, and yesterday we just finished watching The Way We Live Now together. She loved it!

I haven’t actually watched any of these adaptations yet, not these versions at least. I usually prefer the slightly newer adaptations, the ones from the 70s and 80s aren’t always my favourite ones, but they are still usually good. We are planning on watching A Christmas Carol tonight, as it is the shortest one (by far!) and as it is rather appropriate for this time of the year.I have to say that otherwise the ones I am most looking forward to watching are Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend. As I have heard much good said about these two versions. But… since these are two are books I have not yet read they will have to wait until I have. And that’ll probably take some time, since they are both really thick books. Alright, I haven’t actually read Oliver Twist either, but I know the story of that one so well anyway it will make no difference whether I watch it now or not.

Has anyone seen any of these by the way?

Thanks grandma, I really appreciate this! 🙂

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4 Responses to Going shopping with grandma

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have seen several of these and they’re pretty good. Just keep in mind while you’re watching them that Charles Dickens didn’t always write the happiest of stories. 🙂 Have much fun watching your new movies! I always love getting new ones to watch!!!

  2. Aurora says:

    That’s good to hear that you think they are pretty good. I’m looking forward to watching them. 🙂

    Oh I know, his stories can be pretty miserably unhappy at times! 😉 His style of writing is very different to Jane Austen’s for example. But I still really like it.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Okay I was looking over some of the dates on the movies and I think I’ve only seen one of them (Our Mutual Friend). I’ve seen different versions of Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, and Nicolas Nickelby but not those that you said you got. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

    But that Great Expectations looks very good and i might have to check it out! I saw a very old version that just wasn’t the best and that’s the one I thought you were talking about. Do let me know if it’s good! 🙂

  4. Aurora says:

    It can be really confusing with all these different versions out there!

    Sure I will let you know what my thoughts are on Great Expectations once I’ve seen it, but like I said, that might take some time. 🙂

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