And so this year draws to a close

It’s New Yeas Eve and the end, not only of a year but of a decade!
On this day, every year, I find myself thinking of all the thins that have happened to me and in the world over the year that has been. This hasn’t always been the easiest year I would say for me. There has been many challenges and opportunities for learning (another way of saying problems). But it has also been a wonderful year in so many ways! I have been able to do so many amazing things, met so many wonderful people and learnt so much!
In many ways I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year. Not physically, but as a person. And that of course I am thankful for.

But I don’t only look back at the year that has been, I also find myself thinking ahead to the year that is coming. Wondering what it will be like, what I will do, where I will be at the end of it and what I shall remember when I look back then. I know I shall never know beforehand, but I still wonder…

Whatever happens I feel sure that 2010 will be a good year for all of us! No, not only a good year, a great one!

I want to thank you all who have supported me here on my blog! Getting to know all of you wonderful people this way has been really wonderful for me, and the best part of keeping this blog! I want to thank you for that!

I’ll also share with you an idea that I have. A little while back I got the idea that I’d like to do some interviews with various people that I know (or know of) who are also interested in Jane Austen, and post them here. I always love to read other peoples views and opinions of my favorite author, and I think others might too. So my plan is to do some of these interviews and post some now and then. I have asked a few people (who’ve all been willing to take part. Thank you!) already and shall probably soon be posting the first. I hope you’ll all enjoy that, I am sure I will. 🙂 And please let me know if you think of any person you really think I should interview, or if you’d like to take part yourself!

Happy New Year!!

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3 Responses to And so this year draws to a close

  1. Aurora, it has been delightful participating in your blog! This year has been quite something, hasn’t it? I hope Providence blesses you in ways that you cannot even imagine now in the coming year! 😀

  2. Aurora says:

    Thank you!

  3. Alba says:

    You got a veery fantasstic website, Gladiolus I found it
    through yahoo.

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