Jane Austen for a new audience?

Tweet Not too long ago I was in a bookshop, browsing through the classics section (my favourite part) when I spotted these two books on the shelf. They were new versions of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights (from Harper Teen, I think…?) but they looked like they were supposed to be a part of the popular Twilight series. Take a look at these. And compare them to this. Now the reason they do this is because they want to reach out to a new audience I suppose. And I see nothing wrong with that. I agree that these books … Continue reading

First step of my new Regency dress

Tweet One of the first steps in starting a new sewing project is finding the right fabric for it, and my upcoming Regency dress has just reached the stage where I have done that. I mentioned before (at least I think I did) that I had a dream about making a ball gown out of pink silk. It was just one of those impulse decisions, I had a vision of a pink silk gown and thought “that’s what I want!” It was rather silly actually, because I didn’t know where to find such a fabric at even a reasonable price! … Continue reading

Regency Hairstyle Tutorials

Tweet Elizabeth over at Rapunzel’s Resource is right now doing a week with tutorials based on six different hairstyles from Miramax’s Emma. I think this is a lovely idea, and I’m glad that she is doing this, since I personally think it can be hard to come up with different Regency styles that I can use. And I find that the internet is sadly lacking in Regency hairstyle tutorials! So I shall be happy to try out these ones! I only became aware of this lovely blog a few days ago. I haven’t tried using any of the tutorials on … Continue reading

Little Women – one of the best!

Tweet One of my all-time absolute favourite movies is Little Women (the one from 1994)! I remember the first time I saw it, it was many years ago and my mother had rented it from the video rental store. I hardly spoke any English at the time, and even though it had subtitles I didn’t understand all of what they talked about. But I do remember that I loved the feeling of the film! For many years after I often thought about it and wished I could see it again. When I finally did, I thought it was every bit … Continue reading

My latest endeavor

Tweet Now, this isn’t a Regency project, or indeed anything historical, but it’s something I am quite excited about so I wanted to share it here with you. My first ever attempt at designing an item of clothing all by myself (not counting a few badly made and ill fitting skirts and similar things I made as a little girl)! A few days ago I had a really difficult time trying to go to sleep. I just couldn’t! It was very frustrating, but I have noticed that when in situations like that I often have very creative ideas.This time my … Continue reading

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