I long for a ball!

It may be possible to do without dancing entirely. Instances have been known of young people passing many, many months successively, without being at any ball of any description, and no material injury accrue either to body or mind; But when a beginning is made—when felicities of rapid motion have once been, though slightly, felt—it must be a very heavy set that does not ask for more.


Emma 1996

I long for dancing! I really do! And by dancing of course I don’t mean just any dancing, but the kind of dancing that they are referring to in the quote above.  As I have said before I have yet to find some place in Sweden where this kind of dance is taught or danced. It might exist, but I have not been fortunate enough to find it. And I’ve also said that I shall have to start something myself. Lately I have begun to think that maybe I will! And not just sometime, but sometime soon! I’ve got some ideas (actually I’ve got plenty of ideas, that is not the challenge) as to how and where I maybe could do something. Some small Regency event, with costumes and some dancing perhaps. But I’ve never tried arranging anything at all like this before, ever! So yes, I think it seems not only scary, but terrifying! But my desire for a ball, dance, gathering or just anything like that is very strong. So I think I shall continue working on this plan anyway.I think…

What feels like the biggest challenge to me is to find people who would be interested in attending. I know that there are many Jane Austen fans in this country, but I don’t quite know how to find them. To my knowledge there is no such thing as a Jane Austen Society of Sweden or anything similar, so I haven’t yet quite figured out how I can find them. But since I know there are people who like Jane Austen, my reasoning is that then there probably are those who would love to attend a ball and dress up in Regency clothes too! Don’t you think?

This idea is still very much in the working stage. I have not decided anything. And I might end up deciding to abandon the whole idea. Or postpone it. But what do you think? Has anyone arranged a ball, dance, tea or anything like that and have some advise to offer? Or does anyone have any other thoughts or ideas? I’d appreciate any inputs! Or perhaps you’d like to attend? 🙂

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9 Responses to I long for a ball!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Perhaps you could be the one to start the Jane Austen Society of Sweden! And then, having created a network of Janeites, you would be well on your way to having a guest list for your ball.

  2. Ooh! I completely agree with you, I too am itching for a ball and wish I could figure out how to set one up. Unlike you, I suspect if I am willing to drive about 1-6 hours I can probably find one at some point. (I heard about one that may be happening about 3 hours from home in a couple months) 😛

    Too bad I don’t live in Sweden or else I should be delighted to help! Although, honestly, I wouldn’t mind moving to anywhere in Europe (the northwest in particular) if I had good work and a nice place to live…

  3. Aurora says:

    Yes that is certainly a worthy thought Rebecca. I think, just think I MIGHT actually have found something already…! I won’t say anything more about it just at present since, but I think I might have discovered a group of people to get in touch with about this! 😀

    You were complaining before Justin that there were no events close by you, but I think I am worse off than you! ;P Of course there are all kind of events happening in Europe, but Sweden doesn’t have many… yet…! You’ll have to let m know all about that event in a three months if you decide to go to it!

    I appreciate your offer to help, and if you had lived in Sweden I would have been delighted to accept it! 🙂

  4. Rebecka Kaplan says:

    Hittade hit från Sysidan! Det är jag som skriver där under namnet J.Austen…
    Vad säger du, det verkar som att vi båda brinner för samma ämne och längtar efter en Jane Austen-förening, ska vi inte hjälpas åt att starta en nu? Jag har en jobbig vår framför mig, men om vi hjälps åt kanske jag orkar dra igång något fastän jag återhämtar mig efter operation….

  5. Jennifer Devine says:


    I am glad you might have found a contact that can help you.

    I, too, think beginning a society or club would be a great place to start and have read about a young woman in Oregon, I believe, who felt just as you do and started a club that has grown very nicely and now has lots of events. I wish I could give you a link, but it has been some time since I have read it and can’t remember too many details. If I run across it again, I will send you more info.

    Good luck with your plans!


  6. Aurora says:

    Hej Rebecka! Ja det verkar ju verkligen som att vi har ett gemensamt intresse! Och jag är gärna med och drar igång någonting! Vi måste höras mer om det! 🙂

    Thank you Jennifer! I am inclined to think it might be a good place to start too. If you do run across it again I should be very interested in seeing that!

  7. Jennifer Devine says:

    Hi Aurora,

    I found that site I spoke of earlier, http://www.oregonregencysociety.com , the founder is Stephanie Johanesen. It seems there are four chapters now. The first event was held in 2007, so it has grown very quickly. If you go to the site, the Northwest Chapter is the original and has a movie featuring the founder talking about how and why she started the society and the kinds of things they do, etc. I think you will enjoy it.


  8. Aurora says:

    Than you Jennifer! That is so thoughtful and kind of you! I shall study that site, and be inspired! 🙂

  9. ellen says:

    We have a Regency Festival and Ball on May 24-27th please visit http://www.regencybydesign.co.uk or see J.A.S.E. on facebook

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