“My” ball, Jane Austen Society of Sweden – this is what it looks like so far

Alright, I thought I’d give you a little update on how the society/ball project is going.
I mentioned in a comment on my last post about a ball that I thought I might have found something, and what I meant by that was this. After I had written that post I decided to do one more search before deciding for myself that I’d start something, so I typed something like “Jane Austen society” (in Swedish obviously) in to Google without expecting any results, as there had never been any before. But this time there was!! This discussion came up, on some Swedish sewing forum that I had never heard of, on exactly this subject! Someone wrote in to ask whether anyone knew of any 19th century or Jane Austen societies or groups in this country. And the response was that no one did know of any such thing, but everyone (everyone who wrote there that is) thought there should be something! And they talked about how they would have to start something themselves, arrange balls, picnics, workshops, meetings, film nights with period dramas and those kind of things!

You can probably imagine my excitement upon finding this! Kindred spirits! Yay! 😀 I was thrilled! So excited that I ran upstairs to tell my mom all about it straight away, bringing the laptop with me so I could read it all to her!

I then quickly joined this forum so I could write there, expressing my happiness at finding this discussion, and my interest in being a part of the project.
There has been more discussion since then of course, and as it looks now we shall probably start a 19th century group/society (that is the biggest discussion at the moment, which is best, a official society or just a group). Spanning the years 1790 to 1910. There is already a 18th century society, but nothing for the 19th. And since everyone wasn’t interested in only doing something with the Regency period we decided this was a good idea. And then there will be smaller “under groups” for example like a Jane Austen group, a Victorian group and so on. At least that is the plan. For my part I am really happy about the prospect of a group like this, because that way I there will be several different eras included. And that means I can make many, many more outfits! 🙂 And since the Regency period isn’t the only one I am interested in I really like this idea.

At the moment I am impatiently waiting for answers to my last post on the forum, it appears maybe not everyone is quite so eager as I am to get started with this… But it does look like something will happen, sooner or later! Though of course, until it actually has, there is no guarantee, and I guess anything might happen. But it looks promising! 🙂

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4 Responses to “My” ball, Jane Austen Society of Sweden – this is what it looks like so far

  1. Aurora, that’s awesome! I hope it all comes to fruition! 😀

  2. Jennifer Devine says:


    I am so happy you have found some like-minded people right there in Sweden. Good luck.


  3. Sarah Alberry Seamark says:

    Hej, jag är som du intresserad av att vara med och starta upp en 1900-tals “Jane Austen klubb”
    Finns Jane austen society i Bath, Englnad, jag prenumererar på deras veckobrev och läser en del av deras inlägg. Man kan kanske gå den vägen för att se om det finns några trådar att dra i här i sverige?! hur har det gått med planerna såhär långt? Så nyfiken att höra hur det går och om man kan vara med på ett hörn? Maila mig gärna. Hälsningar Sarah

  4. thyra says:

    I started my own little jane austen day events for my friends in sweden. Basically it was a movie night but with a twist. I had my friends bring a dessert of their choice to share and I fixed everything else. I had a program printed. planned games with prizes, goodie bags (tied to the movie we were to watch), decorations, a color scheme, and the whole 9 yards. I was suprised I didn’t scare away my friends. eventually they became just as enthusastic as I. I am proud to say that my friends looked forward to the next event. I have had 6 of these events over the course of 2 years. But I now live and study in Edinburgh , Scotland. I don’t know if i’m able to do another one for my friends anytime soon. But the thought of starting one at my Uni has occured but not sure yet. i need to be sure if there are anyother fanatics out there like me 😛

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