Some Pretty Dresses

Or maybe I should say some gorgeous gowns instead, that might be more appropriate. 🙂 I have just been spending some time browsing through the online collection of historical garments found on this Danish website Tidens Tøj.

They have so many pretty items on there! Apparently this collection is a part of the National Museum of Denmark, and it is only a small part of all that they have. If I understood it correctly (I don’t know how well I trust my skills in Danish) their whole collection of dress and textile items is numbered to as many as 70.000! Not bad! On this site however I think there is “only” 140 items. And for me only the first part was interesting, the rest was to “modern”.

Like I said, there are many pretty things, have a look at some of my favorites.

Tidens Tøj 1820 dress
Ca. 1820.

Tidens Tøj 1816 dress

Tidens Tøj 1837 dress
Wedding gown 1837

I love the color of this one!
Tidens Tøj 1840's dress

Tidens Tøj 1860's dress

Tidens Tøj 1870's dress

This outfit I think just looks so very elegant. Quite simple, yet so elegant.
Tidens Tøj 1890's outfit

Aren’t they pretty?!

I wish I could share a picture of my, at the moment, favourite dress. It’s not from this collection, and I don’t know if I can find pictures of it anywhere online. I have it in a book. It’s a 1866 ball gown, in pink silk! And it’s just so beautiful!

Talking about fashion and historical garments by the way, I am no longer sure that I will make my next Regency gown out of that silk I showed you earlier. After consulting some ladies with a lot of knowledge on the subject I have come to realize that it might actually be to stiff for a Regency gown. I have not yet decided 100% how I will do. But don’t worry, even if I decide not to use it for that I have come up with some very grand plans for what I could use it for! But like I said, nothing is decided.

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9 Responses to Some Pretty Dresses

  1. Jennifer Devine says:

    These are very pretty gowns. I like that they are not over-trimmed. The sleeves on the one from 1816 surprised me, as I never imagined a sleeve like that so early.

    I’m sure what ever you decide to do with that lovely pink fabric will be great. What fabrics did your friend suggest were appropriate?

    I wish there were more varieties of 100% silks available in stores around here. When I was looking, I found none but Dupioni or raw silk. If I had the nerve I could have bought on-line, but I rather like to see and touch a fabric.

    Have you ever purchased fabric on the internet? If so, how did you feel about it?


  2. Aurora says:

    Well they didn’t actually suggest any other fabrics, only that this one was probably not quite appropriate. I shall have to continue to look. But I want something really pretty, and I would love some silk! I have a weakness for silk…

    Oh I agree! I wish silks were easier to get hold of, at reasonable prices. I have looked at some online places too, and have also considered buying some that way. But like you I feel slightly reluctant to buy something without being able to actually see and feel it first.

    I have purchased fabric on the internet on a couple of occasions. Once I just needed a lot of different kinds of fabric at a very low price quickly for something I was doing. That time I bought it of a Swedish equivalent of e-bay, and it worked really well. The other time I was buying some fabrics for a quilt I was making, and even though I was very particular about the colors I wanted it wasn’t too “important” if you will. On both those occasions I was very pleased with the result and it all worked well. But I have not yet dared to buy something more expensive, like silk, wool or linen. But maybe the time has come for that… 🙂

  3. Jennifer Devine says:

    I have read that some of those e-retailers will send samples. Maybe sending for a sample is the way to get around our reluctance to make long-distance silk purchases.

    Sending for samples would slow things down, of course, but if one is not in great hurry, that should not matter.

    Now, if only I could get myself to plan ahead more…

    Nice hearing your thoughts on this.


  4. Laura says:

    Oh, I love the dress from 1816! The 1837 wedding gown is also quite beautiful… sigh!

  5. Aurora says:

    That is an idea! Some probably do that, and if it’s not very urgent that could work well I think. Good idea!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Oh what wonderful inspirations! thanks for posting them Aurora!! My favorites are the 1816, 1860’s, and 1890’s dresses! wonderful! I will have to tell my sister I really want to make a 1816 gown someday! *goes off to dream up her new dress!*

  7. Alyssa W. says:

    Oh my! What lovely dresses! Thank you for sharing these pictures. 🙂


  8. Emily says:

    I know this post was done so long ago, but I can never get enough of your blog! When you mentioned the pink gown, this one came to my mind
    I wonder if it is the same one?

  9. Aurora says:

    Emily! That’s it exactly!!! I’ve never seen it online before, only in the book! I’m so excited at this, thank you!! Aah it really is one of my absolute DREAM dresses…!!

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