Five years with Jane Austen

A few days ago for some reason we were talking about our travels, and suddenly remembered that it was exactly, on the day, five years since we arrived in Fiji (yeah I know, we acknowledge strange anniversaries like this in my family). And I realized too that then it must be more or less five years since I started reading my first Jane Austen book. I checked my old journal from back then (oh my! My spelling was horrid at the time! And the grammar wasn’t too fabulous either…) to see if I had marked down the exact date I began. It would appear I had. And that day was the same as this, only five years ago.

In the very beginning of my blogging “career” I wrote a post on how I was first introduced to Jane Austen and my experience in first reading a book by her (Emma). And now I got thinking about it all again. As I said when I wrote that post, I had first made an unsuccessful attempt at reading the book, but given up straight away. And it wasn’t until I was “stuck” on this paradise island in the Fijian archipelago of the Yasawas without anything to read that I decided to give it one more chance. And I was thinking now, what if I hadn’t? Who knows, I might never have read a Jane Austen book! I might never have read any other classics either, since that was one of the ones that got me started, so to speak. I might never have watched any of the screen adaptations. I might never have decided to get into sewing, since the thing that really got me going with that was finding the Sense & Sensibility site and wanting to make myself a Regency dress. I might never have started this blog. I might never have attended the Jane Austen festival. And all the wonderful friends I have made as a result of getting into any of these things, I might never have met them!

So thinking about that time I feel utterly grateful! Grateful that things turned out the way they did. Grateful to Fiji, for in a way opening up this world to me. I little knew at the time how much that would influence my life. And I am grateful, because I love this beautiful world that has been opened up to me so much!

Dear me, I am getting all sentimental here aren’t I?! 😉 It is of course quite likely that somehow or other I would have gotten around to reading some of these books and doing some of these things anyway. But you never know…

I know I have posted this picture before, but it’s the only one I have of me reading Emma in Fiji, so I’ll post it again.
Reading Emma on the beach in Fiji.

And then just because Fiji seems so very tempting to me right now here in cold snow covered Sweden I’ll post another picture from there. This was the view out of our window where we stayed!
Nacula, Fiji

I must say I wouldn’t mind a week or two there right now. And I could always bring some book that I have planned to read but never got around to. Who knows where that could take me… 😉

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2 Responses to Five years with Jane Austen

  1. Jennifer Devine says:

    Fiji looks beautiful! And I am so glad it lead you to Jane Austen or we would not have known you through your lovely blog or shared this sense of community your blog provides.

    I am in Hawaii at this very moment with my sister, so I can totally sympathize with your desire for a little relief from the cold. My husband tells me it was just about 22 degrees at home today, and that actually felt warm to him compared to recent temps.

    ___Jennifer Devine

  2. Aurora says:

    Wow, Hawaii!!! I am so envious!!! 🙂 I’ve never been there, but I should dearly love to go! So one day I will… Enjoy your time there, before you get back home to the cold! 😉

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