Off to England tomorrow

Tweet I’ve just finished packing for my little trip to England where I’m going tomorrow. I’m not going to be gone for very long, only five days. I’m going to visit my dear sister who is there at the moment, like I told you before. I am so looking forward to it! To going to England again, (that is always fun!) and to seeing Viktoria again!!! I haven’t seen her for two and a half months! Too long! I was supposed to go there last week, but because of a most annoying volcanic eruption I wasn’t able to. 😛 So … Continue reading

Jane Eyre on stage

Tweet Yesterday I went into Stockholm once again. I usually don’t go there this often, but now I have had some special things to do there. And yesterday I went there because I had a ticket to go and see a performance at the Royal Dramatic Theater. A performance of Jane Eyre! As I looked at the possibility of going to see that, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they had really great prices! Theater tickets are usually terribly expensive I find. But these were not. Apparently the Royal Dramatic Theater always have good prices, it’s not a … Continue reading

Sewing, the way Jane and her characters did

Tweet I received another lovely new book a couple of days ago from Amazon (now isn’t that nice of Amazon to just send me books?! :P)! Happy me! 🙂 This book is one that I’ve long wanted, ever since I was first told of it by a lady who works in a bookstore and who recommended it to me after finding out that two big interests of mine are sewing and Jane Austen. This book is called The Jane Austen Sewing Box, (by Jennifer Forest) and as might be guessed by the title its a book about sewing in Jane … Continue reading

My Regency Ball Gown

Tweet Finally today I was able to finish it! And I will say that I am more than a little pleased with my new beautiful dress! Some of you might remember that before I actually began working on this I had an idea that I wanted to make a ball gown out of pink silk. I discussed this plan with Elisabeth, and we contacted the company Simbra Siden (a Swedish silk shop and mail-order company ) and they sent us some samples of certain kinds of silk that I was interested in. They arrived and my plans of making a … Continue reading

Regency Dancing in Stockholm

Tweet I did feel a little better yesterday, and so I was able to go to the event I mentioned briefly in my previous post. What that event was was a Regency dance class in Stockholm. I had come to hear about that over Facebook actually, and (surprise, surprise) really liked the sound of it! So I went up to Stockholm yesterday. Had a few hours there before the dance started during which time I actually managed to find a pair of gloves, that I bought. 🙂 And then I headed to where the dance was to take place. Finding … Continue reading

Feeling a bit under the weather :(

Tweet My apologies for the lack of post of late, and for not posting pictures of the dress like I promised I would. I have spent the last few days in bed with a cold and have not been able to finish the dress like I planned to. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, if I am well enough by then to go and do some sewing, and complete the last few little things I have left on the dress. I also have an event I am planning to attend tomorrow, but the way things are looking at this moment … Continue reading

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