Regency Dancing in Stockholm

I did feel a little better yesterday, and so I was able to go to the event I mentioned briefly in my previous post. What that event was was a Regency dance class in Stockholm. I had come to hear about that over Facebook actually, and (surprise, surprise) really liked the sound of it!

So I went up to Stockholm yesterday. Had a few hours there before the dance started during which time I actually managed to find a pair of gloves, that I bought. 🙂 And then I headed to where the dance was to take place.

Finding the right place wasn’t easy, I must say that the directions I had been given were far from detailed! I ran up and down the street several times looking (fortunately it was a very short street) but unable to find anything. In the end I spotted someone who I guessed to be going to the dance and went up and asked her. It turned out she was indeed going there, and so that problem was solved.

Regency Dance in Stockholm

I didn’t really know that much about the event before I got there. All I knew was that it was going to be a dance class with the theme Regency era. Costumes were encouraged and so I had brought one of mine along. I used my blue and white gingham one this time. However most of the people who came there were not dressed in costume. There were only a few of the other girls, and a couple of the guys.

In the beginning we were probably somewhere between 15-20 people there. I think by the end we must have been somewhere between 30-40. So a larger group of people than I had expected. I didn’t know anybody there before, but they were really nice and friendly so it didn’t matter much
Regency Dance in Stockholm

Regency Dance in Stockholm

The room we dance in was rather small (for having a dance class in that is) and towards the end of the evening it was very crowded. But it was fun! I had danced none of the dances that we were taught before, thought I was more than a little familiar with two of them. The first of those two that we did was one that goes by the name “Shrewsbury Lasses” but which in these circles is often referred to as the “other way Mr. Collins dance”. 😛 It was a really fun dance to do, though by no means one of the easier ones. After walking through it the first time one lady exclaimed with frustration “now I understand Mr. Collins!” Poor Mr. Collins! He received lots of sympathy from us after that dance! ;P
The other of the two dances that I recognized but had never danced was of course “Mr. Beverige’s Maggot”. I was thrilled to get the opportunity of trying this dance! It was a little tricky too, but not quite as confusing as Mr. Collins dance was at first. Unfortunately I had to rush off before we were quite done with that dance as I had to catch my train back home (that train being the last one for the day going to where I live). There was supposed to be a period correct tea afterwards, with scones, jams and clotted cream. I didn’t have time to stay for that so I had to grab a scone with some lemon curd on and eat it whilst walking/running back to the station. That was a little unfortunate, but at least I could stay for most of the dancing.

Regency Dance in Stockholm

It was a pleasant evening, and I hope there will soon be many more opportunities for me to dance dances like this, because it’s just so much fun!

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9 Responses to Regency Dancing in Stockholm

  1. Devine says:


    That sounds and looks like a lot fun! Congratulations on finding your gloves, too.


  2. Per says:

    Glad you liked the event, and welcome for more!

  3. Per says:

    PS. You’ll find the lastest news and information from the Dance Guild at


  4. Charlotta says:

    I’m glad you liked it! I contemplated going, since I am a Jane Austen fan too, and have a costume for it… But I spend quite a lot of time in that place since I am a member of the Forodrim and in the end my sofa was too comfortable to leave! But when I see your pictures I wish I had come.

  5. Per says:

    If someone cares to arrange a full-blown Regency Ball, I’ll be happy to help with the dancing. And I’m sure that it will be a big hit with lots of attendants.

  6. Aurora says:

    I have been considering the idea of doing exactly that for quite some time! It would be lovely to have a Regency ball here in Sweden I think! That is definitely something I will continue to look into, and it is great to know that there is someone who is willing to help with the dancing! That has been one of my concerns! We really should do something!!!

  7. Per says:

    We now have a date. Reserve sunday 29 may for our Regency Ball!

    Keep watching for upcoming announcements with details.

  8. Aurora says:

    Really?!?! There is going to be a ball?!?! YAY!!!! I’ll keep a look on the website for more details, I’m so glad to hear this!! Exciting! Now I know what I will be doing on the 29th of May! 😀

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