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Yesterday I went into Stockholm once again. I usually don’t go there this often, but now I have had some special things to do there. And yesterday I went there because I had a ticket to go and see a performance at the Royal Dramatic Theater. A performance of Jane Eyre!
Jane Eyre Dramaten Stockholm
As I looked at the possibility of going to see that, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they had really great prices! Theater tickets are usually terribly expensive I find. But these were not. Apparently the Royal Dramatic Theater always have good prices, it’s not a privately owned theater but one that is somehow owned by the Swedish people. At least that’s how I think it is. Something like that. Anyway, however it is, the price was great!

So I went there, and it was really fun to see the show! I am now so used to seeing Jane Eyre as a screen adaptation, and a stage performance is different. And it was nice to see a version like this for once.

Of course for obvious reasons they can’t change location and scenery like they can on film. And that’s ok. But I did think that they could have made the setting a little bit more fun. Not that there is anything wrong with having only a white background which changes color with the help of lights and then three pieces of furniture or something. But personally I think they could have improved that slightly and made it look more interesting.
Dramaten Stockholm
The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm is the biggest theater we have here I believe. And more or less all of Sweden’s great actors have at some point worked there. In this production of Jane Eyre there were several very famous actors too. Michael Nyqvist for example who played Mr. Rochester is an actor who has starred in many big Swedish movies these last few years. And I think he was really quite good as Mr. Rochester. Having said that, yes, I did think he was, but…  I thought that they had made him seem a little too cruel somehow. He was funny, really funny at times. But even so I think he was portrayed as a little too cruel. In the things he said mostly. I know Rochester is supposed to be quite abrupt and rude in what he says. And they did that well. But I thought particularly in his behavior towards Bertha he was cruel and didn’t show her much kindness at all. And that I think, he is supposed to do.
But other than that I thought he was good.

Dramaten Stockholm

Jane was played by an actress that I am not familiar with since before. She did rather a good job too I would say.

Adele was great! She was played not by a child or a young girl but by a somewhat older woman. And she was so funny! Stole the show completely when she was on stage!

The costumes were rather good for most part. Jane’s dress was quite suitably plain and grey, rather like it’s supposed to be. However the skirt was a little bit too narrow. It had not the slightest hint of  hoop, which annoyed me a little. Blanche Ingram and her companions wore quite ridiculous looking clothes! Probably to emphasis the fact that they were not supposed to be the “good guys”. 😛

Dramaten Stockholm

I am really delighted to have had the opportunity of seeing this. It was a fun experience and even though it wasn’t as good as the latest screen adaptation (but that would be hard to beat! That one is great!) I liked it and it was nice to see.

Oh and one more thing; I bought a program that I amused myself by reading in while I waited for the show to begin. And amongst other thing it said there that the first time Jane Eyre was put up as a play in Stockholm was 1854! That’s 156 years ago! Now that my friends, is what I call a classic!

Obviously it wasn’t possible to take pictures during the performance. So I have no pictures to post from that. So we shall have to content ourselves with Derbyshire… Sorry, couldn’t resist that! 😛 No, we shall have to content ourselves with a few pictures of the theater. And one of a poster. It was hard to get pictures of the house, since there was some kind of road construction going on outside and it quite ruined the view. Oh well…

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