Preparing for Florence

Tweet The time of my departure for Florence is drawing closer. It’s only a little more than a month left until the day I leave, which will be the 20th of May. I booked my tickets a short while ago. I’m getting wonderfully excited about it all!!! I’ve spent some time searching around for a good and affordable place to stay while I’m there. And with the help of Margarita who is head of the event I have been able to find an apartment right in the center of the city to rent for the five days that I will … Continue reading

Event list

Tweet I’ve added an event list to the sidebar of my blog. So far I have only added the events that first popped into my head. I’ve no doubt that I shall find many more to add to that list as time goes by. But it’s a start at least. I just thought I’d do a post to announce that, and also to say that if you know of any event that you think should have a place there, let me know! I’ve also updated my list of links a little. But there too I plan to add some more … Continue reading

Traveling to Lyme Regis… sort of…

Tweet As some of you are aware my sister Viktoria is, since a couple of months back, living (for the moment) in England. She is staying there with some friends of ours, at the same time as she is studying and doing a distance course. She will probably stay there until May sometime. A couple of days ago we were talking over Skype, and for some reason we ended up looking at Google map. We looked at some of the places where a few of her friends over there live, the place where she goes dancing and so on. And … Continue reading

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