Florence – part 2 – Dance class

Tweet To continue… After I had finished with the Uffizi Gallery (or rather been thrown out, since I was there until they closed) I headed back to my apartment to get changed for the dance run-through that evening. Originally the class was supposed to be held in a dance studio, but there was a change of venue just shortly before and now we were going to be in the Palazzo Borghese right in the center of Florence. I don’t think anyone was unhappy about that at all, because this place was gorgeous! It is apparently considered to be one of … Continue reading

Florence – part 1 – Ponte Vecchio, etc…

Tweet I’ve been debating with myself how to best approach this whole picture posting thing. I’ll take one thing at the time and write about. It might end up being many posts, but I hope you’ll bear with me. I already told you how incredibly nervous I was on the day I left. Suddenly the idea of going somewhere alone where I had never been before, to be with a group of people I didn’t know and had never (save Margarita) met, seemed terrifying! But at the same time very thrilling! As soon as I was well on the way … Continue reading

Back in Sweden once again

Tweet Late last night I arrived back in Sweden again, after five amazing days in Florence! I’ve got lots of pictures to share and plenty of things to write about. And I hope to get around to doing that as soon as possible. So be sure to check back for that! 😀 Talk to you soon! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Next stop: FLORENCE!!! =D

Tweet All right my friends, the day has now come when I am going to Florence. And I’ll tell you straight away; I’m incredibly nervous!!!! I’ve never been to Florence, ever, and I’ve spent very little time in Italy. The times I’ve traveled alone before it’s only been to places with which I’ve already been relatively familiar. However from my own personal experience I think I will probably forget about being nervous pretty soon once I’m actually off. And I must say too that it’s all wonderfully exciting! And I’ve no doubt that I will have an amazing time! I … Continue reading

Happy Birthday little blog (and a couple of pictures of my reticule)!!!

Tweet Exactly one year ago I wrote my first ever blog post on here! I realized that just a couple of days ago when I was going to check up on something else, and I hadn’t thought of the fact that it must be getting close to a year now. That came as a surprise, and I found it a little hard to believe at first. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for a year! But apparently it is so. When I first began I had no idea of how it would be. I’d never blogged before, and … Continue reading

Some thoughts on Mansfield Park

Tweet My sister Viktoria (who returned home from England a couple of days ago. How long she will stay here before she goes back again though I don’t quite know yet) is doing a course in Swedish right now. And for that course there are several books she has to read, but she also gets to pick one herself to read and then do some work with. And she picked Mansfield Park, as that was the only Jane Austen book we happened to have in Swedish and since the book needed to be in Swedish for the course. And also … Continue reading

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