Watching “The Real Jane Austen”

In 2002 BBC made a documentary called “The Real Jane Austen”, which is (as is rather obvious from the title of it) a program about the life of Jane Austen. I have know of this for quite some time now, and I actually began watching it a long time ago but for some reason I never got around to finish watching it. But now I just did.

It is a one hour long “dramatized documentary” as I believe they called it. And the narrator is Anna Chancellor who we know from the 1995 Pride & Prejudice, where she plays Miss Bingley. And she is also a direct descendant of Jane Austen herself!!!

I really enjoyed watching this. It was well done and I liked how they had actors playing the different family members and friends of Jane in it. When it is dramatized like that it brings it all to life in another way than if you just have someone talking.

There are little clips from various film adaptations of Jane’s books to illustrate certain things. The music is all taken from the different films, and consequently is music that I am very familiar with and greatly like! Such beautiful music! All in all I thought it was a really nice documentary, and I would highly recommend it!

As I am already quite familiar with Jane’s own life from having read a few books on the subject as well as having visited both Chawton Cottage and the Jane Austen Center there wasn’t much new information in this for me. But even so I did enjoy it! And since it is in my opinion quite impossible to get enough of Jane Austen and her works I spent a very pleasant hour indeed watching it!

Here is a youtube clip of the first part of the program. I watched it on youtube, and you can find the whole thing on there. Enjoy! 🙂

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3 Responses to Watching “The Real Jane Austen”

  1. Rebecca says:

    thanks for posting about Jane Aurora! It was great to be able to visit her home, which she lived in later in life last fall! It was great to be able to hear even more about her from these videos. God bless!

  2. Devine says:

    I can’t wait to see this on youtube. Thanks for telling us about it.

    How is your reticule coming along? I keep checking back to see what you’ve come up with. Hope it is coming along nicely.



  3. Aurora says:

    I’m glad this was of interest!

    I completed my reticule quite some time ago, but to post pictures of it seems to have entirely slipped my mind! It turned out rather nice, but it’s not so very special. However I’ll see if I can get around to taking some pictures and posting here this week, before I leave for Italy. Otherwise I’ll get some when I’m there. 🙂

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