I’ve been awarded! :D

Erin over at High Heels and Pencil Skirts has very kindly given me the “One Lovely Blog Award”. I am very grateful for that, thank you Erin!

One Lovely Blog Award

I should also like to pass this award on to a few other lovely blogs that I enjoy. There are really so many amazing blogs out there, and please consider yourself awarded, all of you! But to just name a few then:

Rebecca over at Sewing in the Past

The Hungarican Chick

Rebecca over at Singing in His Name

Alyssa over at Days to Remember

Atlanta over at The Story of a Seamstress

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4 Responses to I’ve been awarded! :D

  1. Aurora says:

    Oh good you noticed! I was going to comment and let you know, but I guess I don’t need to.
    You’re welcome by the way. 🙂

  2. Alyssa W. says:

    Thank you Aurora! You are so kind!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Awww…you’re so sweet! Thanks!!! 🙂

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