Book list :)

Tweet I don’t know if you remember, but a while ago (quite a long while ago) I posted a list of the 100 “best books of all time” according to a survey The Guardian had done…? A few days ago we went to Uppsala and took the opportunity to visit our favourite bookshop here in Sweden, the English bookshop that they have there. Upon arriving there we were at first a bit shocked; ’cause the shop was gone! Luckily though it wasn’t actually gone, it had only moved half a block or so, and it was now twice as big! … Continue reading

Kentucky Jane Austen Festival pictures

Tweet A week ago the Jane Austen Festival of Louisville, Kentucky took place. I wrote about this event a little while back but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go this year, much as I wanted too. I have heard it was a wonderful event, and it sure looks like it from the pictures I’ve seen! If you are interested there are plenty of pictures you can have a look at on THIS site. And to read an account of the festival from one of the participants check out “The Doctor’s” blog HERE. Thanks for the links by the way, and … Continue reading

Life lesson learned while sewing

Tweet A while ago I was about to get started on a new sewing project, one which was rather complicated (my pink and black jacket that I showed you some time ago, if you remember). The pattern I had found for it was in a Burda magazine, and it not only had countless pieces but on the paper they were all mixed together with all the other patterns in the magazine! At first glance it all looked like a big mess, and my heart sank as I saw it. How was I ever to be able to transfer those hundreds … Continue reading

You’re all invited!

Tweet You are all invited to an event here at my family’s home in the heart of beautiful Sweden. For several years my family has been hosting different camps and gatherings here at our home. Mostly it has been homeschooling gatherings where we’ve had about 100 attendants from all over Europe, and indeed, the world! This years gathering will be slightly different though. This years camp is meant to be an inspiring week for those who wish to, or already do, live their life outside of the rat race. A week to encourage and inspire each others, share ideas, and … Continue reading

Hot weather and strawberries

Tweet “Strawberries, and only strawberries, could now be thought or spoken of. “The best fruit in England – every body’s favourite – always wholesome. These the finest beds and finest sorts. Delightful to gather for one’s self – the only way of really enjoying them. Morning decidedly the best time – never tired – every sort of good – hautboys infinitely superior – no comparison – the others hardly eatable – hautboys very scarce – Chili preferred – white wood finest flavor of all – price of strawberries in London – abundance about Bristol – Maple Grove – cultivation – … Continue reading

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