Life lesson learned while sewing

A while ago I was about to get started on a new sewing project, one which was rather complicated (my pink and black jacket that I showed you some time ago, if you remember). The pattern I had found for it was in a Burda magazine, and it not only had countless pieces but on the paper they were all mixed together with all the other patterns in the magazine! At first glance it all looked like a big mess, and my heart sank as I saw it. How was I ever to be able to transfer those hundreds (it seemed like) of tiny little lines onto my fabric?! And if I did succeed with that, how was I ever going to be able to get it all together correctly?!
For a moment I considered giving up the whole idea and instead look for a far less complicated pattern to go after. But I really did want this one, I had my heart set on it! And so, I decided to go for it anyway.

Once I got started I was amazed by the fact that I had no problems at all with it! Sure tracing off the pattern was a little confusing, but as long as I focused on the line I was actually drawing and ignoring all the other ones for the moment, it was fine. And I realized something; as long as I looked at the project as a whole it seemed virtually impossible. I couldn’t see how I would be able to do it. But as long as I just concentrated on the next step, I could do it. Because however difficult it seemed to make this jacket, I knew that I could at least cut that part out, and after that I could at least pin the pieces together, and after that I knew that I could at least sew from this point to that, and in the end I would have it completed!
Of course this is nothing new really, I’ve heard it before; if whatever it is you are doing seems absolutely daunting just focus on the next step ahead. I’ve hear that before of course, but now I could really see how true that can be!
I think this could be applied to many areas of life. I should try to remember it myself more often…!

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2 Responses to Life lesson learned while sewing

  1. Emily says:

    There’s an American writer named Anne Lamott who published a book of writing advice called Bird By Bird. The title comes from a childhood story about her brother, who had a huge project on birds to do for school. He was sitting at the table, surrounded by bird books, so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it that he couldn’t start. His father put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”

    Good advice for all circumstances!

  2. Aurora says:

    I really like that story Emily! And it’s so true! Thanks for sharing it with me!

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