About my brother (and one of his big interests)

My brother Aron has for a couple of years now been really into live-role-playing. For those who are not familiar with what live-role-playing is, it’s sort of like reenactment but you don’t recreate a specific event or war, but you wear medieval clothes and pretend you are from that time. You create your own character that you play, and together you are all creating a story. Since he started he has been to many of these events, and has built up quite a collection of clothes and stuff that he uses for that. When he went to his first one he was going together with a group, and they used to meet every week and sew the clothes they would wear and practice fencing and things like that. Aron had never sewn anything before, nothing at all, and I was very impessed with what he managed to make! Very impressed indeed!

Now he is off to another such an event tomorrow, a big 5 days one which has about 1500 people. And much as I love my brother I must say that sometimes I do get a little annoyed at him… He has a tendency to put off doing things untill the very last moment. Which consequently means that not only has he been running around like crazy these last couple of days packing and building a new shield and I know not what, it also meas I have had to spend lots of time both yesterday and today sewing for him. He realized he would not be able to sew two new intems of clothes, pack everything he needs to bring and build a new shiled in the time he has left. I don’t mind helping him sew, but I would like it if he could ask me at least a week before! 😛 And no matter how many times I tell him that, every time he still does the same thing…! Ah well…

And now since I am very proud of my brother I’ll show you a few pictures of what he looks like in his outfit!

These first three were taken by our photographer friend Gabi before he was off to his first event.

Aron medieval

My handsome brother!

Aron medieval

And with his helmet and sword.

Aron medieval

My personal favourite picture!

Here is a newer picture taken only a few weeks ago, and here you can see his chainmail and other armor pieces (don’t ask me what they are called…).

Aron medieval

Watch out!

Now at least I have finished the sewing for this event, and can hopefully get to work soon on making the new Regency dress which I am convinced I need for the festival which starts next week! 🙂

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4 Responses to About my brother (and one of his big interests)

  1. Atlanta says:

    Wow! Your brother really looks great in all his gear. Those role-playing events sound like so much fun!

    Did he make his chainmaille too?

  2. Aurora says:

    I know, he does doens’t he?! 🙂

    No, he didn’t make the chain mail himself. He was planning to do so but after doing some resarch found that it would be way cheaper to buy one!

  3. Atlanta says:

    I’m sure that’s true! My brother has made himself 3 suits of chainmaille – and they take SO much time. :^)

  4. Aurora says:

    3 suits?!?!? Oh wow! I can certainly understand that would take time!

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