Packing Jane Austen Style

Hmm, lets see, what have I managed to pack now…?

– White Regency dress (yes)
– Blue and white gingham Regency dress (yes)
– Red silk ballgown (yes)
– Newly finished blue and green flowered drawstring dress (yes)
– Spencer jacket (yes)
– 2 shawls (yes)
– 1 chemise, no wait a minute, make that 2 chemises. I just finished making another one, as I thought it might be good to have. (yes)
– Stays (yes)
– Chemisette, for colder weather (yes)
– Bonnet x 3 (yes)
– Black boots to go with the dresses (yes)
– 2 pairs of “dancing slippers” ;P (yes)
– 2 reticules (yes)
– Ticket for the Regency Ball (YES!!!!!)
– A fan, or might as well throw in two while I’m at it… (yes)
– A lace parasol (Ah, I wish…!)
– Camera (yes)
– Battery charger for camera (yes. Otherwise there wouldn’t be many pictures…)
– Lots, and lots of hair pins! (yes)

I’m not quite done with my packing, but I’m getting there. Unfortunately Ryanair’s rules about luggage are quite restrictive, so there is no way I’d be able to pack my dresses as nicely and smoothly as Maria Lucas does hers in BBC’s Pride & Prejudice! Luckily for me however these are my gowns, I may arrange them in any way I wish, Lady Catherine will never know!

Packing Jane Austen Style

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3 Responses to Packing…

  1. Raquel says:


    don’t be sure! Mr. Collins could read your blog and then tell her everything!

  2. Aurora says:

    Oh dear! What if he does read it and tell her; I’ll be in so much trouble! 😛

  3. Jennifer says:


    This was so funny and interesting. You are gaining quite the Regency wardrobe. I am looking forward to your trip pictures. Some of these wardrobe items I have not yet seen and I am sure you will show them off in the most wonderful surrounds. Hope your travels are lovely.


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