Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Now first of all; no I am not done telling you about my trip to Bath. I still have three updates to write about that, which I hope you won’t mind. But I am going to post about something different now.

We had an exciting litte experience here yesterday. But let me start from the beginning…

About a week ago we were contacted by a Swedish magazine called Äventyrliga Familjer (Adventurous Families) who said that they wanted to nominate us for one of the top 10 in a competition they are having, to find Sweden’s most adventurous family, or something like that. Of course we felt very honored to be asked, and said we’d like to participate.

So yesterday there came a photographer here to take some pictures for that. After hearing about our travels in New Zealand a few years ago, where we went mostly to visit all the Lord of the Rings places, they wanted to do a photo shoot with that as the theme. The fact that we didn’t have any suitable clothes for such a shoot didn’t matter as they went to SVT (which stands for Swedish Televison) and borrowed some stuff from their costume department!

They had asked us what sort of clothes we’d like, and I had jokingly demanded they find me an exceptionally gorgeous gown to wear. Imagine my delight when they actually did!!! They found this stunning white dress with pearls and embroidery on! I just loved it, and was so sorry that I couldn’t get to keep it!

All the costumes have been used for films or TV shows, unfortunately we do not know exactly what films… But it was still so cool!!

Something else they photographers had decided they wanted was to have a horse in the picture. Preferably a white one. So we had to look around the area here to see if we could find any. And we did! Some people who live not too far away happened to have a white horse. So my parents went over and asked them whether we could use it for a Lord of the Rings style photo shoot, for a competition. They kindly agreed to it, but I must say I very much wonder what they thought about it. It’s not really a common question to get asked I would think!

After having been styled and ready we headed over to the horse place to do the photos. I do not have the official photos that they took, but here are some that our friend Kai very kindly took for us during the shoot.

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

The whole family minus Viktoria who is still in England and unfortunatley couldn’t take part in this photo shoot. Aron, mamma and I were supposed to be elves while pappa was supposed to be a wizard.

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Me with a pretty dress and a pretty horse!

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Mamma looking very regal I think!

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Behind the scene…

Lord of the Rings photo shoot


Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Magnus the Grey

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Lady Maria

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Aron the (handsome!) warrior

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Shieldmaiden Aurora

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Showing off the weapons he got to borrow!

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

What can I say? I loved that dress!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! And please, won’t you all keep your fingers crossed for us winning this competition?! Even if we don’t it has been a fun experience and a good way of getting publicity, but it would be fun to win too! 😀

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7 Responses to Lord of the Rings photo shoot

  1. Malene says:

    How exciting for you to be nominated! Is there a prize involved? I love the dress you are wearing – and the headpiece as well! You look like Lady Arwen 🙂 It is too bad you couldn’t keep it, but I am sure you could make one just as pretty yourself.
    I really hope you win – fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Aurora says:

    Yes there is a prize involved. The first prize is a travel check worth 50 000 Swedish kr. 🙂

    Well I certainly feel inspired to make something like this now! Forget all those trousers and shirts I was going to make, this seems much more fun! 😉 😛

  3. Atlanta says:

    How much fun! I will be excited to see if y’all win!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful. You all look great. That picture of you with the white horse is so lovely, Aurora. Good luck in the competition!

  5. Erin says:

    So, now that you got to experience that wonderful dress, does it make you want to sew a whole trunk-ful?(Just in case……)

    I kind of hope it does, because I would REALLY love to see another sewing project! I always enjoy those so much!

    Good luck with that competition!


  6. Hannah Blow says:

    Dear Aurora,

    Wow! I love your photo shoots. What lovely costumes.

    I hope the event goes well for you..

    Hannah Elizabeth…

  7. Aurora says:

    Thank you all so much!! It WAS very fun to do this!

    Erin – thank you, that is so sweet of you to say! And yes, it does want me to sew a whole trunk-ful! Whether I will or not I don’t know yet, but I really would like to make at least something along these lines quite soon! At least I can dream…! I’m very glad to hear that you enjoye my sewing projects!


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