Lacock – my Bath trip part 7

To continue with my Bath trip then.

On the Friday that week me and two of the ladies I was staying with, Diewertje and Odette, had decided we were going to visit Lacock village. I think a lot of you are familiar with why one would like to visit Lacock, but if anyone is wondering why and what this place holds for interest to a goup of Janeites, then let me explain to you.

Lacock was used to film the town of Meryton in BBC’c Pride & Prejudice. It has also been used as Cranford, in the series with the same name obviously, and Highbury in the 1996 BBC version of Emma. Just to mention a few of the films this place as been featured in. It is a very popular place to film in, and it’s easy to understand why. The whole village is owned by the National Trust, there are no new buildings and you can hardly see any new things at all!

So that is the reason why we were going there. It’s not far between Bath and Lacock. We had to take the train for some 10-15 minutes to Chippenham from where we then had to take a bus. The bus left only once every hour however and we managed to just miss one. Which meant we had a whole hour to spend in Chippenham before we could leave. It wasn’t a very exciting place… At least not the part we saw. But at least now I can brag about having visited the Museum of Chippenam, I bet not a lot of people have done that! 😛 But if you haven’t you really haven’t missed anything. However the entry was free and it was certainly warmer in there than out on the windy streets! 😉

We got on the bus in the end however, and after another 15 minutes or so we arrived in Lacock.
It’s a beautiful place! And if you try to imagine away the parked cars you can easily picture the Bennet girls walking along the street, looking into shop windows. It was so cool!

It was really fantastic to see this place! We were snapping pictures in all directions, as we thought nearly all the houses looked familiar, but we couldn’t quite decide whether we had actually seen them in some film or not. So we took pictures, just in case.

Here are some for you to look at!


Does this place look familiar?

How about something like this:

Lacock Pride & Prejudice



See this white building here? Compare it to the building behind the two gentlemen in the next picture.

Lacock Pride & Prejudice


Once again you see the same buildings!

Lacock Pride & Prejudice


The Red Lion. If you have a look at the next picture you can see that it even has the same name!

Lacock Pride & Prejudice

And here you can see it in the distance again:

Lacock Pride & Prejudice

(Sorry about the fact that the screencaps are so small!)


From another direction


And another part of the village


We were sure we recogniced this church from somewhere, but we couldn’t think of where…


Another street


There were so many pretty houses in Lacock!


This place is just adorable!

We walked around the whole village, looking and admiring. However, there is only so much to do in Lacock, and once we had walked through it all there wasn’t that much left to see. So we decided to find somewhere to have some tea. There is this book, a recipe book called Tea With the Bennets by Margaret Vaughan, (it is a very pretty little book with recipes for things that people like the Bennets would have had for tea. I can definitely recommend it!), and Odette had remembered that the lady who wrote it was supposed to have a tea room in Lacock. So we looked around for that and managed to find it! King John’s Hunting Lodge it was called, and this is how pretty it looked:


King John’s Hunting Lodge

It was really nice to sit down somewhere warm (this was a really cold day!), and the cakes and things they had there looked simply delicious!


Diewertje and Odette waiting for their tea

We all chose to have the tea called the “Jane Austen blend” (how could we not?!), and I also had a scrumptious chocolate cake!

Tea and cake!

Mmm, yummy! Tea and cake!

After our tea we walked about a bit more, visited some small shops and so on. And then it was time for us to head back to Bath again. But before I sign off here I also want to show you this little film I filmed in Lacock. I happen to have a very nice ring tone on my phone (which you will hear in the film), and seeing as I have that one, I just couldn’t resist filming a short film there while playing that tone. 😉

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9 Responses to Lacock – my Bath trip part 7

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a fun day and lovely village.

    Could that church be the one Lady Catherine and her daughter attend and are seen coming out of the in the BBC Pride and Prejudice? Makes me want to watch all over again just to see. Or maybe it is the church the Bennet’s attend in that same film. I guess I will just have to watch again; gee, tough, huh? Thank you for the good excuse. 😉

    Love your movie with background music from your phone. How very appropriate a ring tone for you! Too cool.

  2. Scrapiana says:

    Lovely to hear about a place which is just down the road from me, but which I’ve rarely visited. I didn’t realise so much had been filmed there – though it makes sense – and enjoyed your scene-matching very much. Thank you.

  3. Fiona says:

    I’ve lived in Chippenham 8 years and you’re right – it’s not exciting at all… I have however been in the museum, I did work experience there when I was younger! The boss of it is not the nicest chap though.

    Lacock is beautiful though, been there a few times for a stroll and some tea! Was nice to see the comparisons of the street shots you took to the stills from the filming!

  4. Aurora says:

    Jennifer – I don’t know, maybe it is! I really have to watch the series again now too, to see how much I recognize!

    How nice to live so close by Scrapiana! You know I had no idea so many films were filmed there either before I read a little more about the place for going there. I thought it was “only” Pride & Prejudice.

    Fiona – that’s funny, I didn’t think I would have any readers who were actually familiar with that museum! 🙂 Neat!
    And thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. LadyD says:

    I went there lastime I had a holiday to Bath….the cakes in the tearoom are yummmy.

  6. Aurora says:

    I very much agree with you, they were indeed! I would love to go back to Lacock again, it was such a pretty and charming little place.

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