Some new fabrics

Those of you who, like me, like to sew will no doubt understand the pleasure to be found in a fabric sale! Yes, a short while ago there was one of those in the town close to where I live. A clearance sale of some shop that was closing. Everything was at 25 kr a meter (which turns out to be $3.7, £2.3 and Euro 2.6). So fabulously good prices! By the time I got there (once I got back from England) it had already been going on for some time, so I’m afraid I might have missed some nice stuff they probably had in the beginning. But there was still enough nice things left to keep me more than happy! Here’s mst of what me and my mom ended up buying:



The greatest finds, I thought, were these four fabrics. They are all 100% wool, and they are so thin! Just beautiful quality! The purple one I have already used to make a dress for myself, the brown (or some of it) will probably become a skirt, also for me, the green I don’t know yet but it was to pretty to resist and the blue is going to be a skirt for my mom.


Mom has ordered some things from me, apart from the skrit I mentioned I am also going to make her a shirt (working on that one just at present) from the light blue fabric and later on a jacket of some kind from a thicker dark blue wool fabric.


They also sold buttons, at really good prices obviously. I found these ones and just had to buy them! All they had left! Such beautiful gloden brown mother-of-pearl buttons!


After I found the buttons we spotted a few rolls of velvet. One of them a gorgeous gloden brown velvet (the picture doesn’t quite do it justice) that was just perfect to go with the buttons! I don’t know what I’m going to make of it yet however… Mom wants a pair of trousers out of it, but we have enough for more things.


We went there several times, the people working there were beginning to reognize us. 😛 I think we managed to pick out all the really nice fabrics they had left. The last time we were there I found this:


I had looked at it a few times before and quite liked it, but then I suddenly saw the little tag that said it was 70% linen and 30% silk! It was a must have after that! Especially as I had just found a few more pretty mother-of pearl buttons, this time some light blue ones! They will go perfect with this fabric!


I always love adding beautiful fabrics to my stash, and I really like it when you can do such great bargins too! 😀

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5 Responses to Some new fabrics

  1. Viktoria says:

    kanske kan sy nagot at mig????? 😉

  2. Aurora says:

    Ja du, kanske det. Beror lite på vad det skulle vara… 😉

  3. Emily says:

    You are so very lucky to have found all of those amazing fabrics. I unfortunately have to stick to a chain store for fabrics unless I want to go to a sketchy part of philly, or drive to amish country.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful finds you have there. I just love shopping trips like these with great bargains on really nice things. Have fun sewing.


  5. Aurora says:

    I wouldn’t be too envious if I were you Emily, there are very few good fabric stores around where I live! I wish we had something like JoAnns or something here, but we have nothing like that…

    Thank you Jennifer, I’m sure I shall have fun! 🙂

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