Christmas with Disney

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a nice Christmas! It has been quite a good one here, rather crowded as I suspected, but mostly nice.
We had a big nice dinner, danced around the house in a traditional Swedish “långdans” (long dance), and of course, opened all the presents. Since we were quite a few of us that took some time, but obviously it was a rather pleasant activity. 😉 All the presents I got were so lovely!

Something else we did was watch the Disney Christmas show. For forty years or so that has been a very popular tradition in Sweden; to watch that show every Christmas eve at 3pm. Every year it is exactly the same thing, and as I have heard it, last year about 3 million Swedes sat down to watch it. For being a country with only 9 million inhabitants, that is quite a big precentage. In my family we don’t often watch it, I think I’ve seen it something like two or three times before. But this year we figured since we’d be having so many visitors who are not Swedish, we’d show them this rather strange Swedish Christmas tradition. 😉
Needless to say the show was very much what it always is, but it was quite fun. I liked the clip they had from Cinderella. The scene where the mice and the birds fix her dress so that she can go to the ball. It is such a cute litte clip, with them all sewing and transforming the dress whilst singing in their squeaky little voices. My favourite part is when one of the mice threads a needle. I like it how she licks the end of the thread, squints her eye and then puts her whole arm through the eye of the needle. Too cute!
I remember when I watched this film as a little girl I was so sad and disappointed that she didn’t end up wearing this dress. As you probably know that one is destroyed by the step-sisters and she ends up wearing the dress that the fairy godmother gets for her. But I thought this pink dress was so much prettier than that one! 😛

Anyway, here is the clip if you want to see it.

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