Another big favourite of mine: Little House on the Prairie

One of the gifts I received for Christmas (thanks Gabi!) was a box with a season of the Little House on the Prairie series. I was very happy to recieve this, and though I have not had a chance to watch it yet (with four teenage boys around it’s not the easiest thing in the world… :P) I am really looking forward to doing so!

I realized that I have never yet written anything on here about the Little House on the Prairie books. I can’t see why I haven’t, they’ve been great favourites with me for many years!

Little House in the Big Woods
I was first introduced to these books twelve years ago. It was the winter when we moved to where we live now, and it was almost as cold and snowy as it has been this winter. My mom borrowed the first book in the series, Little House in the Big Woods, at the library and started reading it to me and my sister. I can clearly remember curling up next to mom in the big bed, listening intently to her reading. I loved those books! I fell head over heels for them! I dreamt of living the way they did, and visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Missouri was soon one of my dearest wishes!
I think I can safely say that these books were the ones that really sparked my interest in historic books and historic fashion. Even though I think I have always more or less had an interest in these subjects, this was what really made it strong.

I so much liked reading (or hearing) about this family, all their adventures and their travels. And I liked the fact that it was all true. This was a real family, these were real girls, just like me, only a hundred and fifty years earlier, or something.

Little House on Rocky Ridge
A few years later some friends lent us the first four books in the Rose series. Now, for those who may not be aware, Rose was Lauras daughter, and these were books that had been written about her. I didn’t know such books existed before! They were written in the same style as the original Little House books, and I found it very exciting to suddenly have four new books to read! But even so, I didn’t. For quite some time I didn’t. Because those books happened to be in English… I knew a fair amount of English at the time, but I had never yet read any book, by myself, in English. So I didn’t feel confidet enough about my own ability to do it. After a while my sister decided to read them however, and not bearing to be long outdone by her I soon threw myslef over the “task” too. To my delight I found no problems with reading them. 🙂

I loved these almost as well as the orignial books, and having now been introduced to these “follow-ups” I lost little time in finding out that there were plenty more to be had! Not only were there these books written about Rose, there were also books about Martha (Laura’s great-grandmother), Charlotte (Laura’s grandmother) and Caroline (Laura’s mother). All these books have over the years found their way to my bookshelf and have all been read at least twice.

My collection:

My Little House Books

Another view of them:

My Little House Books(You might have observed and wondered at the fact that my collection only contains one of the original Little House books. Shamefacedly I admit that such is the case. The reason for this is that when I have read those books I have borrowed them from the library. The others are not possible to find here in Sweden. I will however get all the books that are missing sooner or later, and then I’ll have a complete collection!)

Nowadays I don’t read them that often, but it happens that one some days when I just want to curl of with a book I know that I really like, a book that gives me a calm and comfortable feeling when I read it, I pick one of these and lose myself in the pages which are so familiar to me.

I have occasionally lent some of these books out to friends, but it’s never easy. I can only part from them once I have extacted from the borrower a solemn promise to be careful of the book, not let the slightest harm come to it and be sure to give it back! 😉
A few years ago some friends of ours (a home schooling family) visited, and the daughter in the family, Rebecca, knew that I liked these books. She had just read them herself for the first time (I don’t know how old she was at this time, maybe 8?) and loved them every bit as much as I did! She later beat even me in her admiration of the books by having her mom make her a bonnet in the style that Laura would have worn, she then wore this all the time! I never did that. But if I’d had a bonnet at the time, I might have found it hard to resist…

Little House on the Prairie
So yes, now I have these DVD’s lying here, waiting for a good opportunity when I can sit down and watch them! I have seen some episodes of the series already (not the ones I got now), and I really like them! They are not the same story as the books,  the characters are the same (most of them) but the plots are not always the same. But that’s fine, I still enjoy them a lot! 🙂

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4 Responses to Another big favourite of mine: Little House on the Prairie

  1. Emily says:

    I loved these books when I was little. When I was about five, my mom made me both a bonnet and a calico dress with a pinafore, and I wore them as much as I could! There’s a photo of me outside the reconstructed cabin that stands where the original house in the Big Woods was, wearing that dress and looking like Laura. : )

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,

    What a nice gift to receive.

    I loved these books, too, and read them just as fast as I could in third and fourth grade, I think. I hated coming to the end of them. My mother made a costume for me, as well. When my niece was seven or eight, I had the pleasure of watching her wear it for Halloween. She looked so cute.

    I remember Mom even made an extra bonnet, so that when I had a little friend over to play, we would both have one. I always liked the moments in the Little House show when they showed Caroline tucking her hair into her bonnet, in her feminine, graceful way. I tried to do mine just the same way. I must say that went much better than when I tried to copy the way my grandmother gently swished the ice in her tea glass ( I sent tea and ice flying).

    Little House books and shows bring back lots of nice girlhood memories.


  3. Vail Crawford says:

    Those are also some of my favorites, first read them in 2nd grade. I am happy and proud to tell you that I live in the Ozarks not far at all from the Laura Ingalls museum. We went there on a school trip when I was young, it is very neat to see!

  4. Aurora says:

    I’m so glad I decided to start this blog, it is such a delight hearing from all you lovely like-minded ladies! 😀

    I must say Emily that I am mightily jealous of you getting to visit that place! Dressed up like Laura no less!

    Jennifer, that must be so nice, to have a costume that is past down to the next generation like that. 🙂 How thoughtful of your mother to make an extra one for a friend too!

    Vail Crawford, I am seriously considering coming to visit you! 😉 That is so cool that you live so close by!

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