Tweet You know the Hornblower series? The series about a young Royal Navy officer during the Regency era? Well, I had long wanted to see this series, I’d heard such a lot of good about it, and basically anything set during that era is of interest to me! And now finally I have seen it! Some friends of ours were kind enough to lend it to us, and we lost little time in starting to watch it. Without going into any detail explaining what the story is I’ll just say that it is about this young man, Horatio Hornblower, and … Continue reading

Jane Austen theme on P3 Populär

Tweet There is a Swedish radio program called P3 Populär. It’s on one of Sweden’s biggest radio stations (P3), and a little while ago they got a new host (?) on this program. Me and my dad happened to hear the first time that this new host was there, and she said something which imediately caught our attention. She mentioned that she was a big Jane Austen fan, and that she would like to have a Jane Austen theme on their program sometime. Sounded very interesting! Unbeknown to me my parents wrote to this radio program and told them about … Continue reading

My wish-list for 2011 (or, part of it)

Tweet What exciting things have you all got planned for this year? Anything special you are planing to do/want to do in relation to Jane Austen (or something similar) perhaps? Events you are attending? Places you want to go to? Some sewing project you have in mind or a book that you feel it’s time to read? Or anything else fun! There are a few events that I would like to attend (actually there are more than a few, but to get them all in might be slightly difficult…). – The Jane Austen festival in Bath, obviously! – A week … Continue reading

Happy New Year! :)

Tweet Happy New Year all my dear readers!!!! I know, it’s been the new year for almost a week already now, but I haven’t gotten around to wishing you a happy one before this. But better late than never, as the saying goes. 🙂 I hope the new year has begun absolutely splendidly for you! I’ve been pretty busy. I very recently started working at a local company (it’s just across the lake) where I will work for a couple of months. This means that I will be rather busy during that time, but I shall do my best to … Continue reading

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