Regency ball in SWEDEN!!

Tweet There is going to be a ball in Sweden!! There is going to be a Regency ball here!! Can you tell I’m excited about the fact?! 😉 Some of you might remember a post I wrote, about a year ago, about having been to a Regency dance class in Stockholm? Well, the same group of people who organized that are now organizing a ball! They call this ball the Most Splendid and Magnificent Pemberley Party and it will be held in what looks like a lovely and very suitable house in the middle of Stockholm on the 29th of … Continue reading

Another series I’ve been watching: Downton Abbey

Tweet Lately my family has been very much into series. We watch one series after another, not always waiting to finish one before starting on the next. One of these that we have been watching has been ITV’s new sereis Downton Abbey. I first became aware of the existance of this series when I was in England for the Jane Austen festival. Everywhere there were posters about it as it was just about to air on TV. It caught my attention because judging by the costumes the actors were wearing it looked like something I would enjoy. However I basically … Continue reading

Early planning for this year’s Jane Austen festival

Tweet I know it is still far off in the future, but I just have to show you the amazing place where I will be staying for this years Jane Austen festival. You remember that last year I stayed together with a group of Dutch ladies? We rented a lovely house together right in the center of Bath. Some of them are going to do the same this year and asked me if I’d like to join them again. Of course I thought it would be fun to stay with them again, and how could I possibly resist when I … Continue reading

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