Regency ball in SWEDEN!!

There is going to be a ball in Sweden!! There is going to be a Regency ball here!! Can you tell I’m excited about the fact?! 😉

Some of you might remember a post I wrote, about a year ago, about having been to a Regency dance class in Stockholm? Well, the same group of people who organized that are now organizing a ball! They call this ball the Most Splendid and Magnificent Pemberley PartyPride and Prejudice and it will be held in what looks like a lovely and very suitable house in the middle of Stockholm on the 29th of May.
I have already booked my ticket for the event and am very much looking forward to it! If there are any Swedes reading this you might find it interesting and consider going too. Of course, anyone who is not Swedish might be interested in coming as well, should you happen to have the way past. 🙂
Check out their website for more information about it: Pemberley Party.

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11 Responses to Regency ball in SWEDEN!!

  1. Emily says:

    That’s great! I know just how exciting it is to discover a Regency ball close enough to get to. And I’m pleased to see that the website recommends Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion, which is one of my very favorite costume sites!

  2. Dess says:

    Vad kul! Jag bor i norra Sverige, men åker ner till Stockholm då och då, så om jag befinner mig i de trakterna kanske det blir ett besök. Lite otäckt dock att inte känna någon i föreningen, men det brukar ju lösa sig 🙂

  3. Aurora says:

    Yes it is very exciting when you discover something like this which isn’t too far away 🙂
    Jessamyn’s site is a great one, I agree! I’ve turned there for ideas and tips many times!

    Hej Dess! Det vore ju jätte kul om du kunde komma! Jag håller med om att det kan vara lite nervöst att komma till något sånt här där man inte känner någon alls. Själv har jag bara vid ett tillfälle träffat några av dom som kanske kommer att vara där, så kan inte påstå att jag känner någon så vidare bra heller. Men som du säger, det brukar lösa sig 🙂

  4. Emily H says:

    Oh! you are so lucky! Even though I live in a historical area, there are really no historical balls or parties.

  5. Emily says:

    When I made my ballgown, the trimming at the hem was inspired by one of Jessamyn’s pictures. Here’s the dress (it was a masquerade ball):

    And here’s a closeup of the hem:

  6. Dorese says:

    How fun! I wish Southern california had more events like this! Just a random question, but what do you recomend to people just starting to sew, especially if your trying to sew historical style clothing? any tips or good website you know of? thanks and have fun!

  7. Isabel says:

    How exciting. I am so jealous. 🙂 I have never been to a Regency Ball. I haven’t been to the one in Bath as none of my friends ever want to go to it and I have never been able to pluck up the courage to go by myself. I am determined to go this year though. I hope you have a fabulous time at the ball.

    Small world – I just saw your photos of Georgian dancing at last years festival – my friend and I were there as well!! It was great fun dancing but rather squashed. 🙂

  8. Aurora says:

    Emily H – it’s much the same here I think, not a lot of historic balls or parties. 🙁

    Emily, that is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with me! I like the way the hem is made a lot, very pretty!

    Dorese – there are I think quite a few events in southern California actually. I don’t know how many Regency or Jane Austen events, but I know there are several historic balls. And there is of course the Jane Austen evening in Pasadena (I think) in January. I’d love to go to that!
    For wanting to start with historical sewing I would recommend one of my personal favourite websites They have lots of nice historic patterns (including several Regency ones) and they are some of the first ones I used myself. I think they are good and easy to use, plus there are step-by-step photo instructions for many of the patterns online, and a wonderful forum where you can get help if you get stuck.
    There are of course many more places and patterns, but you can always have a look at this and see what you think. And don’t hesitate to write again if you have any other inquiries. 🙂

    Isabel – that is so cool! You were at the same dancing event as me?! I must have seen you then! 🙂
    I hope you get to go to a nice Regency ball someday, they are so much fun! I know it can be frightening to go by yourself (I’ve done that), but in my experience people at these events are usually so incredibly friendly that you feel very welcome and at ease.

  9. jennifer says:

    A ball in your country! Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the pictures.

  10. Garth says:

    That’s wonderful! It was fun in Florence wasn’t it? I’ve decided that “Travel the World and Dance” is my new motto! Have you listed it on

  11. Aurora says:

    Oh yes, Florence was absolutely wonderful Garth! I still dream of it! Travel the World and Dance, now that sounds absolutely amazing!! I’d love to do that too! There are so many events around the world that I’d love to attend, I really think I have to do something like that!
    I haven’t listed it on the website you linked to, but I shall try and do so! 🙂

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