Choir and Prejudice

Tweet I’ve just come back from doing a performance with the choir. It went well and all that, but that was not what I was going to write about. In between rehersing and the actuall performance (or whatever you’d call it) there is always coffee. (For those who are not familiar with Sweden and Swedish customs I will tell you that for most people here, coffee drinking is a highly important activity. And whatever you do and wherever you go you can almost be certain that there is going to be coffee. And cinnamon buns.) So as always we were … Continue reading

A very random post of this and that

Tweet So my dear friends, today I sit down at the computer with absolutely no idea of what I am going to write. I have no plan for this post, only the feeling that it is time I write something. So I cannot tell you where this will lead to. There, I’ve given you fair warning now, so let us proceed. I do believe that at long last we have left winter behind us. It has been the most gorgeous and splendid winter you could possibly imagine! Since October the ground has been covered in a thick layer of glittering … Continue reading

My 50’s *inspired* dress

Tweet It has been shockingly long since I posted pictures of anything I have sewn on here. I checked and realized I haven’t posted anything since August! It is not because I haven’t been sewing anything, I have, but (believe it or not) I have actually mostly been sewing more “practical” things. Things like shirts and more “normal” skirts and things like that. And those I haven’t felt like posting. But now a few days ago I finally finished a dress I have been working on for  quite some time now. It’s a 50’s *inspired* dress (the “inspired” is very … Continue reading

A stage production of Pride and Prejudice

Tweet Anyone here from the Orlando, Florida area? I received an email a little while ago from a lady who is in some way involved with the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, she informed me of a production they were doing of Pride and Prejudice. The show is running from the 9th of February to the 20th of March. Now unfortunately I do not think I shall be able to get to Florida myself before March the 20th, which is a pity since I think it would have been lots of fun to see a stage performance of a our beloved Pride … Continue reading

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