My 50’s *inspired* dress

It has been shockingly long since I posted pictures of anything I have sewn on here. I checked and realized I haven’t posted anything since August! It is not because I haven’t been sewing anything, I have, but (believe it or not) I have actually mostly been sewing more “practical” things. Things like shirts and more “normal” skirts and things like that. And those I haven’t felt like posting.

But now a few days ago I finally finished a dress I have been working on for  quite some time now. It’s a 50’s *inspired* dress (the “inspired” is very important here as I do not claim it is in any way an accurate verison of a dress from that time). I have long been thinking about maybe sometime doing a dress in that style, since I quite like the look the dresses had back then. But like with such a lot of things I just never got around to it. But a while ago I saw a music video which had a 50’s look about it, and there was a girl in it wearing a dress which I really liked. And that’s what got me going. I had the dress in the video as my inspiration, but unfortunately I have not been able to find a picture of it anywhere.

I did not really have a pattern follow. I began with a dress pattern that I had which was for a more basic dress, and then I just tried to do the alterations I thought would be neccessary. Had I known what headaches I would be having over this dress I probably never would have started it! I couldn’t get the back right, so I re-did that part, and it still didn’t look right. So I re-did it agian, and it still wasn’t right, so I did it again… Let me just say that by this stage I have serious doubts as to my ever actually wanting to wear this dress. All those problems have made me more than a little tired of it already! Oh well, we’ll see.

Anyway. Our good friend Gabi who is a photographer and who has helped me with lots of pictures before is here once again with her family. So yesterday we did a little photo-shoot of my new dress.

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

The fabric is a really beautiful quality, it’s 70% linen and 30% silk.

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

The young girl in the portrait behind me is my grandmother, whom I never had the chance to meet

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert


My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

Of course we had to do a washing-the-dishes-with-an-exagerated-cheerful-look photo. Mind you, I always do the dishes wearing high heels and pearls (*cough* or not…)!

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

My 50's inspired dress - photo Gabi Reichert

Like I said, this dress has caused me such a lot of frustration that I don’t know if I’ll ever want to wear it. But maybe by the time the weather is warm enough to use I will have gotten over most of my frustration and will actually be able to put it on. Either way, I am very pleased with how the pictures turned out! Thanks to Gabi for taking them for me! 🙂

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14 Responses to My 50’s *inspired* dress

  1. Raquel says:


    don’t worry… I always do the dishes wearing high heels and pearls, too.

    PS: Lovely dress, as always!

  2. Atlanta says:

    Cute dress! I think you should definately wear it when summer rolls around!

    Great photos – such fun!

  3. Isabel says:

    I agree it looks like a fabulous summer dress. 🙂 Wish I could sew!

  4. jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,

    I think you should wear this dress come summer! And you have my admiration for persevering and finishing a trying project.

    The kitchen pictures are my favorites in this series, so cute.


  5. Barbara says:

    Very beautiful! I still have two originals from my mother (sewn by my grandmother) in my wardrobe. I cannot wear them, but wouldn’t want to give them away!

  6. Debbie Brown says:

    I love 50s sundresses! And just the whole 50s cut. I’d love to make some myself. And I love the pic of you looking into the mirror. Love your blog.

  7. Elinor says:

    It turned out great Aurora! very pretty I love vintage/vintage inspired things:D
    I understand your frustration though, its so annoying when there’s like one part that wont behave, one of the sleeves one my Victorian dress was extremely being difficult last week, I ended up having to cut out a new sleeve but not before getting a huge headache.

  8. Aurora! You look lovely! The dress is a beautiful color and you look great wearing it! Also like the red lipstick… is the first time you have pictures wearing bright red? lol 😀

    I feel silly for being busy and not commenting earlier!

  9. Aurora says:

    Thank you all SO much! Maybe I will wear it sometime then anyway…

    Raquel – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who does this! 😉

    Barbara – how lucky you are to have two originals! I can certainly understand that you don’t want to give them away. I wouldn’t either. Especially not since they are family pieces!

    Elinor – even though it’s not really nice of me to say so I have to admit that I am glad to hear I’m not the ONLY one who ever has problems like these! I hope you’ve managed to solve the sleeves on your Victorian dress, without any more headaches, now!

    Justin – please don’t feel silly!
    You are right, it is the first time I wore such bright red lipstick. I usually do not wear very dramatic make-up, but I have to say I sort of liked this. So I might wear it ocasionally now.

  10. Dorese says:

    How cute! So its not just me who thinks getting dressed up for no reason is fun! I always get dressed up in vintage to go to the bank or when doing taxes haha! Its fun and I think more people should dress up anyways! Way to go Aurora!

  11. Aurora says:

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear I am not the only one doing “strange” things like this! 🙂 Things are just so much more fun if you dress up nice for them!

  12. Marie says:

    😉 Love the dress & it looks like you had such a fun photo session. I especially love the portrait of your grandmama.
    How special!

  13. Karen says:

    Hi, Aurora!

    I absolutely LOVED your dress! :O It’s very very beautiful and elegant! Congratulations for your hard work with it! You can be sure that it was worth it.


    P.S.: Did you know that my mom has the scrapbooks pages from your wall of the fourth picture on? 😀

  14. Aurora says:

    Thank you!

    Karen – how fun that your mom has those pages too! They are indeed scrapbook pages. I saw them in a shop once and thought they looked so pretty I just had to get them! I then added a couple of small decorations to them and hung them up on my wall. 🙂

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