Meet Victoria, another Jane Austen Fan

Tweet After a long time without any interviews on my blog, here is now finally another one! 🙂 Victoria Connelly is, as well as a great Jane Austen enthusiast, a writer. I have read one of her books; “A Weekend with Mr Darcy” (I really liked it!) which I also wrote about here on my blog a while back. See my review of the book here. I met Victoria briefly in Bath when I was last there, and when I wrote and asked whether I could interview her she very kindly said yes. Make sure you visit her website HERE … Continue reading

A visit to the British Library

Tweet Hope you have all been enjoying a wonderful Easter! I’m planning to continue here now and write another post about my trip to England. About a nice place I went to in London. St Albans, as you might know, is very close to London. Indeed, here in Sweden most people would probably say it is London (that is, if they would ever say anything about it at all). I am guilty of having done so myself before I was better aquainted with the area. If you take the train from St Albans station it will in 20 minutes take … Continue reading

Another nice big house :)

Tweet I am back in Sweden again. My visit to England was absolutely LOVELY!! It was, as always, a delight to be with my beloved sister again and to spend time with her and her boyfriends Jake. I also got to see some dear friends who I haven’t met in what feels like forever, I got to see my fantastic voice teacher who I haven’t been to in over two years (that is, my voice teacher in England. I have another equally fantastic voice teacher here in Sweden whom I go to on a regular basis) and have a lesson … Continue reading

The hunt for the “picturesque” picture

Tweet Here I am in England now, having a lovely time. My sister and I just got back from a beautiful long walk in the glorious sunshine (yes, the weather has been absolutely perfect while I’ve been here so far, sunny and warm every day. When I left home there was still some snow on the ground and ice on the lakes… I wasn’t prepared for it being summer here!). I have already written about St Albans, the beautiful city where my sister is living at present, on here before. It is a very old city, filled with historical things … Continue reading

More talk of series and films…

Tweet Today has been a chaotic day here, to say the least. I won’t bore you with details, only say that I am thankful it is almost time to go to bed, and that I hope tomorrow will be a more enjoyable day. As I told you a little while ago, my family has been watching a lot of series lately. Lark Rise to Candleford season 4 is the one we are working our way through right now. I have written before about how much I like Lark Rise to Candlford, it’s just such a wonderful feel-good series! And I … Continue reading

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