Another nice big house :)

I am back in Sweden again. My visit to England was absolutely LOVELY!! It was, as always, a delight to be with my beloved sister again and to spend time with her and her boyfriends Jake. I also got to see some dear friends who I haven’t met in what feels like forever, I got to see my fantastic voice teacher who I haven’t been to in over two years (that is, my voice teacher in England. I have another equally fantastic voice teacher here in Sweden whom I go to on a regular basis) and have a lesson with her. So yes, it was a very nice little trip! 🙂

I got back home late Thursday night, Friday I had time to unpack, and then… pack again. Early Saturday morning I was off again, though not quite as far away this time. I was going to a place called Kloten (about 2 1/2 hours drive north from where I live, and very close to where my mom was born and grew up) where I was going to help my mom who was cooking for a course there.

The course was held at Klotens Herrgård (Herrgård is the Swedish word for mansion or manor), and it was a beautiful house!

Klotens Herrgård

It’s not an enormous house, but definitely big enough! And so beautiful both inside and out! It doesn’t look very old, but believe it or not, this place is from 1620!

Now, spending two days cooking might not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but spending two days cooking in the big, light, airy kitchen of this lovely old house was quite a treat. 😀

Klotens Herrgård

Table set for dinner in the dining room. Note the gorgeous grand piano in the background!

Regency figures

They had these cute litte figures standing on a table, very suitable time period for this blog! 😉

Both my mom and I were struck with how wild it felt up there. The nature. It really felt like you were far out in the wilderness, and truth to be told, you were. It was so beautiful; the deep forest and the lakes. There were lots and lots of little lakes, in all directions!

Frozen lake

Still ice on the lakes here. I’m quite pleased to report that the ice is, all of it, finally gone from the lake at home!

Quite a lot of tourists come up here, and there were signs about both moose and beaver safaris that you could do. Mom and I went for a walk, and even though we didn’t actually see any moose or beavers we saw plenty of signs that proved they were around! Crossing the little bridge that you see on the picture above we came to what I would have to call “beaver-land”.

Keep off!

The message here was quite clear: “keep off!” Somehow we got the impression these beavers weren’t too keen on having visitors…


We were going to keep walking further, but it really was quite impossible to do so, there were fallen trees everywhere! The forest looked like a big mess, trees lying on top of each other in all directions. The beavers had certainly kept busy. We decided to head back. 😛


What a mess!

I thought that since I wrote a post about the beautiful place we went walking to in England, it was no more than fair that I’d write about a lovely and beautiful place here in Sweden as well! 🙂

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4 Responses to Another nice big house :)

  1. Kristine says:

    A beautiful post – thanks so much for sharing your travels and your photos. The woods look gorgeous – next time, post pics of the food, too!

  2. viktoria says:

    jake was very happy to have his first mention in one of your posts 😉

  3. jennifer says:

    Very beautiful scenery. Sound like a lovely time, cooking and all.

  4. Aurora says:

    Kristine – thanks! I will try to remember to get ouctures of the food next time. 🙂

    Viktoria – haven’t I mentioned Jake before?! Shocking! Shame on me! It may be the first time, but I am sure it won’t be the last! 🙂

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