Corsets and colds

I am very grateful that I have managed to go through the whole looong winter without being unwell a single time! None of us were! Everyone around seemed to be getting a cold or a flu all the time, but we managed to avoid that all winter. That’s why I don’t understand why now, in May when it’s warm(er) and nice I have to come down with a cold! I blame my dear brother, he was sick for several days and then passed this cold on to me. Not particularly nice of him I think. So I spent a day in bed (it was long since I last did that!) and am now slowly coming back to my normal self again. This seems to be a weird kind of cold, both my brother and I find ourselves saying and doing strange things. Coming up with weird and rather stupid comments to what somebody else is saying (yes, we both blame this on the cold!) and Aron somehow managed to hang the hand towel, that he had been drying his hands on, in the hall amongst the jackets and coats, while I was going to throw my piece of bread in the garbage and spread butter on the empty plastic bag….

Anyway…. that was not what I was going to write about!

A couple of days ago I recieved a package from Amazon with the mail which made me very happy indeed! Three lovely books that I had ordered; Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion: Englishwomen’s Dresses & Their Construction (I have often heard this book described as a must for all costume lovers and so I finally decided to go ahead and order it), a book called Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques and book from V&A called Underwear: Fashion in Detail
corsets historical patterns & techniques

My first plan was to just buy the V&A book, but then when I was looking around on Amazon at it a few other books came up…. and I, well I just couldn’t resist getting a couple more.  My excitement on receiving the package was great indeed (and I must confess myself highly impressed with Amazon’s very quick delivery this time!)! The books are so lovely!!
Judging from the titles I guess it is not too difficult to figure out that I am planning to make another corset. I am. I’ve really wanted to make myself a more advanced one, and then when I saw the corset book on Amazon I just had to get it. It has 25 corsets and covers 2 centuries of styles. It has a picture of everyone of them and then the pattern for it. Now, it doesn’t seem to be very detailed but from what I have had time to look in it so far I think it seems great! 🙂

Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion
The V&A Underwear book I saw in a bookstore before Christmas, and I wanted it so! Some people seem to think it strange why one would want to buy a book on the history of underwear, I would have them know that it is not strange at all! It is a very fascinating subject! And this book is just beautiful! Lovely pictures and so much interesting information! I have read about half of it so far and have learned so much! And I have LOTS of inspiration for my corset now! 😀

And you can probably expect another post about this book later on.

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8 Responses to Corsets and colds

  1. viktoria says:

    jake thinks it’s veeery convenient for you to have a cold to blame it on 😛

    and i can confirm that Aurora was VERY enthusiastic about her new books, I’ve never seen anyone open an amazon package quite that fast before!!! was very entertaining lol

  2. Kristina says:

    Get Well Soon! Spring colds, I think, are the worst!

    And yay for new books and inspiration! 😀

  3. Jennifer says:

    Those books look fascinating. I have wanted to buy that book about English dresses, but haven’t done it. You have a much better reason to own such a book, since you can actually sew. Good for you! Can’t wait to see what you make.

    Isn’t it amazing how different under clothes have been through the years? I think it is interesting to read about too.

    Have fun learning!


  4. Elinor says:

    I have a nasty cold too:(
    ooh I now want all those books!!! I don’t think I’ll be making myself another corset for awhile though I might be helping my cousin make one this summer.

  5. Elinor says:

    it’s kind of ironic that the topics are colds and corset’s sense corsets are not really the most comfortable thing to wear when one has a cold, lol!

  6. Aurora says:

    Very convenient indeed Viktoria. I should use that excuse all the time! 😛

    Thank you Kristina! I am feeling a great deal better now.

    Yay Jennifer! I am so glad to hear I am not alone in enjoying that subject! I have been reading that book for the last few days, and it is SO fascninating! I

    Oh I’m sorry to hear that Elinor! I hope you too are feeling a lot better now!
    How fun that you’ll be helping your cousin with a corset. I’m sure that will be nice!
    Haha yes indeed, I think you are right about that. a corset is probably NOT what you want to be wearing when sick with a cold!

  7. Emily says:

    I don’t think it’s odd at all to want to read about the history of underwear! Earlier this year I went to a talk about Victorian ladies’ undergarments, and it was fascinating. (There was a lot of laughter from the audience, underwear being the subject that it is!)

    When I clicked on the Amazon link for the underwear book, one of the things that came up was a V&A book called 19th Century Fashion in Detail… swoon! I think I’m going to have to put that one on my next birthday list.

  8. Aurora says:

    Another kindred spirit! I can imagine that talk was fascinating! There was going to be a talk on that subject where I went in England last month, but I missed it with a couple of days or so, which was a pity.
    Oh that book sounds great! i am going to have to look that up! Could be another book that I just might *need*

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