I blame it on my great-grandma

Tweet I get obsessed by things. You might have noticed. And my most recent obsession is… corsets. Yes, corsets. I told you about the books I bought a while back (by they way, they were fantastic! Especially the V&A underwear book, I honestly had difficulty in putting the book down, I just wanted to keep reading!) and of my plan to make myself another corset. Well I have. I finished it a couple of days ago and am vastly pleased with it. And I am going to share pictures of that one with you as soon as I figure out … Continue reading

The year of Sense and Sensibility

Tweet As I am sure you are all aware this year marks the 200 year anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s first novel; Sense and Sensibility. In the world of Janeites this is something which has been acknowledged in many ways. But not only that, this year sees the introduction of no less then TWO modern versions of Sense and Sensibility on the movie screens! From Prada to Nada, a modern spin on S&S set in Los Angeles. About two sisters (Nora and Mary), their father dies and leaves them penniless, and they have to move from their posh … Continue reading

Meet Anna, another Jane Austen Fan

Tweet Personally I just love hearing different people’s views and opinions of Jane Austen. What Jane Austen has meant to them and about various Jane Austen related things they might have done. That is why I just love doing these interviews that I have posted on here. And now my friends, it is time for another one! This time I have interviewed Anna who not only is a fellow Jane Austen fan, but also a fellow Scandinavian (she is from Finland) and a fellow Austen blogger. You should make sure to check out her lovely blog Austenised! 1.What was your … Continue reading

‘Pemberley Party’ – a Regency ball in Sweden!

Tweet You may remember that a while back I wrote about a Regency ball that was going to be held here in Sweden. Well, two days ago it was time. So I packed a bag with my ball gown (the red one), shoes, gloves and other essentials and went up to Stockholm. The place where the ball (or the ‘Pemberley Party’ as it was called) was being held was the beautiful 18 century Kristinehovs Malmgård right in the middle of Stockholm. I wasn’t quite sure where the place was so I set out in good time to be able to … Continue reading

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