About a book store and style in the 40’s

Tweet Not too long ago it was my dad’s birthday and we decided to do something other then just stay at home. So we went out for dinner and then we went driving around, exploring new places around the area where we live. And we ended up going to this bookstore, a secondhand bookstore which was in a refurbished barn far out in the countryside. We’d heard about the place before and had several times talked about going there, but since it is not directly where we live we’d never yet gone. But now we did. And it was a … Continue reading

September is getting closer…

Tweet I remember a time when I would post something here on my blog every day…. What happened to my ability to do that?? Things feel slightly weird in my life right now, it feels like there is a lot going on while at the same time it feels like absolutely nothing is happening. You know that feeling? I’m sure we’re all there sometimes. So, September is now definitely getting closer, which is something I both like and don’t. I don’t like it because I want summer to last a long time, but I like it because that means my … Continue reading

After much talk here it is; my Victorian corset!

Tweet At long last I have at last gotten around to taking some pictures of my much talked of corset. My vision at first was to get some duchesse satin for my corset, in a white or cream color. That was my dream. It did however prove hard to find duchesse. None of the shops that I went into had it, the only place where I found it was online. However when I saw the price of it I quickly re-evaluated how important it was to me and came to the conclusion that that dream will keep. I shall make … Continue reading

Amazing Swedish Clothing Collection

Tweet Sometimes you find gems in the most unlikely places. Sörmlandsbygden really wasn’t a place where I was expecting to find any. But I did. Or rather mom did when she was reading it and she told me about it. Sörmlandsbygden is a local newspaper and in it mom found this article about a clothing collection. This was a collection from a fashionable upper class Swedish lady, Hilma Schultz. She collected her clothes (and those of her household) over a period of 60 years, from 1870 till 1930. This collection is now owned by Mariefreds hembygdsförening and they have recently put up … Continue reading

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