Bath part 1 – The Admiral’s House

Tweet And so, I am back. Back after a wonderful trip to England and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath. I suppose it really goes without saying, but I did have such a great time! There is nothing quite like meeting up with lots of friends (old and new), parading around a beautiful, historic city dressed in pretty dresses! Add to that some fantastic talks, nice museums and other places of interest and then dancing at amazing balls and you will certainly understand why I enjoyed myself so much! I always struggle with how to begin telling about my trip, … Continue reading

Once again it’s time, time for going to BATH!

Tweet It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when I am running around like crazy trying to fit bonnets and dresses into my suitcase, printing tickets and trying to remember everything I need to do before I leave, because tomorrow I am off to Bath! YAY!!! Jane Austen Festival here I come! I’m gonna be away for 9 days, 9 days of spending time with wonderful people, meeting friends old and new, dress up in costume, attend talks and dance. I have managed to fit in no less than THREE different balls during those nine … Continue reading

Live role playing – Jane Austen style

Tweet Remember that I went to a Regency ball in Stockholm earlier this year? Well at that ball some people began discussing the idea of doing something more, a similar event, or something else… And someone came up with the idea of doing a live role playing event – Jane Austen style! I don’t know about other places, but at least here in Sweden live role playing is a big thing. My brother is really into it and takes part in quite a few events every year. These are in a medieval/fantasy style however, and that is what is most … Continue reading

A song you might all recognize…

Tweet Just a short post today. I thought I would post a video of me singing a song, an aria from Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro. The song is called Voi Che Sapete and I think any devoted Janeite will recognize it (at least those who have seen the 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice). This was filmed in February when I had been asked to sing at a small music event here close by where I live. I am occasionally asked to do something like that, but this was really the first time where I could pretty much … Continue reading

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