Bath part 6 – Dancing and the White Wedding

Tweet Unlike the the previous days with their busy schedules, on Thursday I had only one event to go to, a dance class. You will know by now that I quite enjoy doing these kinds of dances, and so a dance class is not something I would miss! In this class rather than focus on the common dances from the Regency era, instead the focus was on the dances from the films and TV series! Great fun as it is dancing any of the dances from this time it really is quite special to be able to try the dances … Continue reading

Bath part 5 – Picnic, costumes and MORE music

Tweet I feel like I am taking forever writing these updates, so I shall speed up here by doing two days in one post. Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I had to move out of the amazing Admiral’s House. All the other ladies who were staying there were going back home.. Instead I moved into a lovely guest house on the other side of the city, where I was sharing a room with another friend, Jeanette (who’s also Dutch). My good friends Scott and Joanna had arranged for a little picnic, in costume, at the Royal Crescent that day. Unfortunately, due … Continue reading

Bath part 4 – Talks, Theatricals and Music

Tweet Sunday was a very relaxed day for me. I had no events planned, instead I went to the famous, newly refurbished Bath Spa. My good friends Scott and Joanna were going and asked me to come along, so I did. It was lovely! A little pricey perhaps, but oh so nice! With those naturaly heated pools (one of them on the roof, with a view over all of Bath!) and steam rooms and everything. A perfect way to spend a day ‘recovering’ from the busy schedule of the previous one. Monday it was busier again. First of all I … Continue reading

Bath part 3 – Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball

Tweet Saturday evening it was time for the first of the three balls I attended during my trip to England; Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball! Held in the Assembly Rooms, this is the same ball that I went to last year in Bath as well. Karen, who had arranged everything with the house that we all were staying in, had also arranged for us to go to the ball in style, to go to the ball in a carriage! Yes, that’s right, we all rode to the ball in a carriage, drawn by two horses! It really added to the whole … Continue reading

Bath part 2 – Grand Regency Promenade

Tweet Here we go, part 2, the Grand Regency Promenade!!! This is always a very exciting event (yes I know, ‘always’… makes me sound like I am such an expert at it! But I HAVE been here three times now!). The day that draws most people, the first real day of the festival, and the day when you can promenade around in a big city, dressed in Regency costume and not feel weird! Well, not too weird at least… 😛 When we awoke in the morning (and I had accidentally awaken my friend Aleksandra an hour before we actually had to … Continue reading

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