Bath part 2 – Grand Regency Promenade

Here we go, part 2, the Grand Regency Promenade!!!

This is always a very exciting event (yes I know, ‘always’… makes me sound like I am such an expert at it! But I HAVE been here three times now!). The day that draws most people, the first real day of the festival, and the day when you can promenade around in a big city, dressed in Regency costume and not feel weird! Well, not too weird at least… 😛

When we awoke in the morning (and I had accidentally awaken my friend Aleksandra an hour before we actually had to get up, due to the fact that I had failed to change the time on my phone and so consequently it was still on Swedish time… Sorry about that!) the weather didn’t look promising. It was grey and actually raining slightly. I know, I know, this was England. England is not particularly renowned for great weather! Indeed doesn’t Mrs Clay in Persuasion remark that “it always rains in Bath”? But I confess I have been very spoilt when it comes to the weather in all my stays in Bath so far. The weather has always been perfect! And so it was with dismay that I looked out at the drizzling rain that morning! However, during the time it took us to have breakfast and get in to our outfits (oh how well can I understand the need for having your own maid to dress you!) the rain ceased and we were able to venture outside without getting wet.

Some of the ladies outside our house

Some more ladies (and a couple of gentlemen) outside our house

Don’t you just love these Spencers and bonnets?! I do!

Here we are, the whole group who stayed in the Admiral’s House (and a few people who didn’t). And yes, I am the one you can hardly see… 

Some of the ladies arriving outside the Roman Baths, from where the promenade was to start

I heard someone say that this years promenade was the biggest one yet, with close to 500 participants. I don’t know at all how accurate this is, but it did feel like a lot of people there!

People in costume!

More  people in costume! 

Aleksandra and her soldier 

After standing around, waiting, posing for pictures, looking for people you recognize,the promenade took it’s start. And through the tunnels of people with cameras (I admit I quite love that part!) we made our way through the streets of Bath.

Regency promenaders, with tea shop and Thornton’s (I know!! Cool isn’t it?!) chocolate shop in the background

Promenaders, and a very modern looking vehicle! 

One thing I just love about Bath is the wonderful houses you have! The Circus for example is just beautiful! 

My sister and Jake (her  boyfriend) were also down in Bath for the first day. They didn’t take part in the promenade, but Viktoria did take a quite a few pictures, some of which are included in this post. This one is one of them. My dear friend Joanna, and me, in a weird pose… The little girl in front of us is so cute!

We reached the Royal Crescent where the promenade always comes to a halt for a while. This gives a chance to catch up with some more firends, to look at a dance display they always do there  and, of course, take some more photos!

Here however the rain caught up with us again. 🙁 And all of a sudden this is what the promenade looked like!

 “How I hate the sight of an umbrella! They are disagreeable things to carry.” ~ Mrs Allen, Northanger Abbey

Dispite the rain though, I was in heaven! It was all so much fun! And I met with so many wonderful people! Both people I knew since before, and also a lot of new people. Thank you all, you really are the best part of this!

Here I am, very happy together with 4 lovely girls!

And here is just me, with the Royal Crescent. Try to imagine the cars not being in that picture and it will be slightly more fitting 😉

(Oh yes, this is my new Spencer btw! I promise I will do a post about it later, when I’ve finished my updates from Bath. And also a post about my new ball gown…!)

After our stop at the Crescent the promenade started to make its way down again, to the city center. There everyone went off to their different activities or, like me, went somewhere for a bite to eat. I was actually going to go to the first “live” meeting with the bookclub I’m in. All 5 of us who have been in it from the start were there that day!

Bookclube “meeting”. From left to right: Justin, Jake, Dolinde, Viktoria and me

Not too long after our dinner I had to head back to the house I was staying in, to start get ready for the evening and Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball in the Assmbly Rooms…..

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6 Responses to Bath part 2 – Grand Regency Promenade

  1. Lauren R says:

    What an amazing event! I’m so jealous. So many wonderful costumes and, of course, the backdrop of Bath. How lovely!

  2. You all looked lovely. It seems as it was a fantastic trip.

  3. Elinor says:

    Very lovely! I hope to go in a couple of years:)

  4. Aurora says:

    Thank you! It was indeed lovely! 🙂

    Elinor, I hope you will!!

  5. LadyD says:

    It looks great…I’ll be packing my umbrella this year just in case.

    And those cars…nothing a little photoshopping can’t cure.
    Interesting you talk about people taking photo’s and stopping to ask questions. I’ve got to catch the bus into Bath…I wonder what the passengers will think. lol!
    My mum thinks I should walk into macdonalds in my outfit and order food using Austenesque language.

  6. Aurora says:

    Probably a wise idea. I’m hoping for relatively cold weather, but no rain and preferably not much wind this year, as that would be best I think for the outfit I have in mind. 😛

    Oh that would be absolutely amazing if you did!!! I can just imagine the look on the faces of the people working in MacDonalds if you did that! I’m sure it would be priceless!
    It can be a little nervwrecking at times getting around on your own in costume, but from my own experience I’ve had by far more positive reactions and responses to my doing it than anything else.

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