Bath part 3 – Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball

Saturday evening it was time for the first of the three balls I attended during my trip to England; Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball! Held in the Assembly Rooms, this is the same ball that I went to last year in Bath as well.

Karen, who had arranged everything with the house that we all were staying in, had also arranged for us to go to the ball in style, to go to the ball in a carriage! Yes, that’s right, we all rode to the ball in a carriage, drawn by two horses! It really added to the whole feeling of it. And now I must say that horse and carriage really must be the only way in which to arrive to a ball!

Seeing as we were 15 ladies who were going to go from the Admiral’s House to the Assembly Rooms with this carriage we had to go in turns. There was obviously no way all 15 of us would fit in all at once! I was in the last group to go, and we  did end up arriving at the ball fashionably late. Luckily the dancing had not yet started, but people were standing around talking, having a drink or playing cards. There were card tables set up in one of the rooms, and the activity around these tables was great indeed.

But soon we were informed that it was time to make our way into the ballroom (which I have to say again is just such a splendid room!) and the dancing began.

(You know how I always complain of not having any pictures of myself dancing? Well this time I do actually! Thanks to some friends who were kind enough to send me a few pictures they took. Thanks very much Françoise and Alexia!)

What a wonderful feeling to be dancing again! In a beautiful room, to live music. The dancing continued for some time before dinner was announced and everyone made their way into the (also very beutiful) dining room. The food was good and it was nice to sit down and converse with the others around your table for a while before heading back to the ballroom to continue dancing well into the night. Actually, well into the night would be a bit of an overstatement, at midnight the ball ended and we were all thrown out. 🙁

It was a superb evening! I admit that last year I was somewhat disappointed in the Farthingale ball. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, of course I did, it was just that I had expected more. I had very high expectations then, and though the ball was lovely it did not quite live up to what I thought it would be. That meant that this year my expectations of the ball were instead rather low, and I ended up enjoying myself immensely!

Another picture by Françoise and Alexia, I quite like it. 🙂 But I must say I wonder what we are all looking at…?

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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4 Responses to Bath part 3 – Farthingale’s Grand Regency Ball

  1. antonia says:

    hi aurora,
    here is a link to a small video I hope you’ll apritiate

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,

    I love the carriage ride; that must have been so much fun. The whole evening looks like a great time. I am enjoying all your travel posts.


  3. This looks like so much fun, and you look stunning. I just came back from the JASNA annual general meeting where it was common to pass ladies in frocks and gents in top hats.

  4. Aurora says:

    Thank you for the link Antonia!! That was so nice to see!! Thank you!

    Jennifer – oh it was! It really added to it!

    Mary – Thank you so much! Oooh that sounds fun! One day I hope to go to some event over in the US as well!

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